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My mum is finding it hard with my brother

My brother is 22 and is autistic he go's to college and also there is a charitable company that takes him out to football matches and live music etc. but when he's at home my mum dusn,t think he sleeps much as always hearing him in night and in morning u can tell. Couple of weeks ago she met him from college and he all of a sudden ran away from her almost going into road very scary to watch. But last night he came home about 12 from a football game told him to go up to his room about an hour later mum go's up to his room as the light was on he was asleep but when she stepped into the room he came at her pale as a sheep and screemed and took hold of her hands and where he dug his nails in cut her hand she managed to calm him down and got him back to bed she questioned him next day and he didn't have any recognition he go's to drama therapy but mum thinks he's got worse for goinging.

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First I must say my heart goes out to your mum and you as well, having a son in his 30`s with autism I`ve been there. Yes my son is the same he spends a lot of time in bed anyway and was up throughout the night. If what happened the other night is fairly recent, it could possibly have something to do with what`s happening in the drama group, what they`re working on, could your mum go see what they do at the drama group, talk to someone there and see if they`ve noticed a difference in your brother from when he started going. I take it he doesn`t say much to you about it. He was also asleep when you mum entered his room, he`d had a busy day and perhaps was dreaming. Please let us know what`s happening.


sounds like he is in panic mode maybe drama classes are too much social things are a big problem for us when we cannot cope we have a meltdown


Sounds Like night terrors, they are caused by a sleep disorder and are quite common in people with ASD. nhs.uk/conditions/night-ter...

Alot of information on this website is aimed for helping children but at the college i work at (Autism specialist) we run a sleeping aid group where we have a lot of young men with these issues and have found alot of stratagies designed for children really help them get through it.


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