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At last

I have eventually got an appointment with a physiologist for ny 22 yr old son, a 30 min appointment to assess whether they can help, it's a start. Wondering what to expect, told to take peeps who know him best, so had better include his dad, as he lived with him for 10 yrs but didn't do anything as he was in the USA and everything there costs money apparently, I'm angry he wasn't helped before, but I'm trying to my best now his back home.

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Hi Dixie,

So pleased to hear you've finally gotten the assessment you've been waiting for.

Generally they will ask for people who have had interaction with your child/you to pool together all their different observations to help formulate a starting point for diagnosis. When I got diagnosed with Aspergers at 19 my parents were quizzed about my childhood from birth to present (When I'd hit my milestones, any problems with speech/schooling/social interaction, my hobbies & interests) & that founded my diagnosis. My 3yr old has recently been diagnosed with Autism & it was a similar start, I pointed out my observations & concerns, before being referred for various tests & assessments to get her formal diagnosis. Hope this helps & you get the answers you're looking for.


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