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Looking for a job that suit in me

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Where can i apply work abroad that is not stressfull or i can carry out to do work i like working in farm please help me recomend or find a job.

Pos here like to find work abroad to support my family.pls anyone can help.

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Dear Poohe,

I cannot recommend any specific job for you, but I can say that apart from a few positions (in the airline industry) there are no longer any restrictions on the type of work you can do if you are living with HIV (in the UK at least). A few things you should think about are your medications. If you are on treatment, and (again in the UK), the current recommendation from the British HIV Association is that all patients should go onto treatment as soon after their diagnosis as possible regardless of their viral load. And you have been on therapy for a while, and everything is stable, then most (London) clinics are giving six months worth of medication and seeing patients twice a year. So you would only need to travel back every six months.

Another thing to think about is insurance, it is no longer difficult to get travel insurance if you are HIV positive, I can provide you with the details of some companies that do insure people living with HIV.

You may, or may not, need vaccinations to travel. Generally getting vaccinated is not a problem but it is best to avoid "Live" vaccines.

The i-Base website has a whole bunch of information about travel vaccines here:


They also have more general information about travelling abroad here:


The CDC website in the United States also has a section on its website about vaccinations here:


I hope this helps and good luck with your search.

Kind Regards,


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Ok thank you


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