Ok so here it is,I am lonely...there I've said it

Ok so here it is,I am lonely...there I've said it,Ok so here it is,I am lonely,alone,anxious,often low,restless,uneasy,isolated,have that butterfly feeling most of the time and am doubting myself as to if it's ever gonna be possible to find decent friends for realtime meets to chat and begin sharing and enjoying life.

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  • I know how u feel.. we all feel like that somedays but ur not on ur own...im here for u mate...soz about last wk but im def available to meet up this wk..r u free on Tuesday ..get bk 😉

  • I am lonely and I am in a relationship. My partner is negitive and has no idea what it is to be positive. your better off with friends. Always happy to chat

  • I kinda know how you feel buddy. My partner is negative and definitely doesn't get it. I get annoyed when he's off from work complaining he is ill and yet I still get to work and he doesn't seem to understand how tired I feel sometimes... No one really seems to get that but it doesn't stop me pushing through it.

  • Omg I am glad you said that. I do my best to put a smile on my face and not let my status define me. However, sometimes it just makes me so tired. I get annoyed with myself as I can't push myself physically as I used to with getting ill.

  • I never had a day off sick from work before. Now the winter seems such a struggle but I got there. People say they understand but they just don't. I've not been off sick since October but it ain't easy lol. It's ok to feel different - hard not to be frustrated.

  • Ehy your're not on your own! I am available to meet you up if you want, where are you?

  • Thanks,I'm in Leicester wbu?

  • I'm in Manchester. A bit far away...

  • I'm in Suffolk if anyone wants a Poz bud :-)

  • i,m in shropshire if any one need a masive hug

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