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I've got hepatitis b, and my virus had risen lately I had 4 bereavements last year and the same thing happened when my mother died stress makes it rise it's went down now and I'm getting put on treatment to stop it giving me liver cancer so I'm glad about that relieved to be exact so will be glad too see my liver specialist again I get scared at times I do feel tired and flu symptoms some days but it's life I just pray to God for each day I get as I'm 59 this year I just like a simple easy life no stress but I have a mother-in-law who causes it so I'm staying back for a while as I can't stand her running people down especially family members my garden keeps me happy xxxxxxx

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Following your heart,finding comfort in things you enjoy and kerpinyour faith is an awesome place to be I beleive! The Lord knows what's in your heart ! Hope you CV continue to find comfort in your gardening! I enjoy reading the word and have a great social media group of positive people! Thanks for sharing god bless you!

gardens are great therapy, the medications are usually tenofovir now and the load should go down to 2000 or less and that is basically no hbv as long as you keep taking it.