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Hello, I live in Strathmiglo, a wee village in Fife Scotland, I'm 58 years old I got hep b virus , from blood transfusion I was given as a newborn baby, my mum and dad never said to me that I had it, because back in the 60s when I was growing up, anything could have been done to our house or myself attacked if people had found out, I only found out myself in the 80s early 80s when I gave a pint of blood, I got word back from my doctor saying my blood was abnormal, I'm not pleased as my mother died in 1981, and none of the doctors had told me I had it, the first I knew about it was donating the blood, since then I've been getting blood tests taken, and now every 6 months a scan , the last scan was fatty, I'm going for a fibroscan on Thursday which I've not had, and they will probably take more bloods, and my virus has risen quite high at the moment so the nurse said they will now control it with tablets, I'm scared of how my liver has been since the last scan, my husbands going with me, so thank god, can anyone tell me what treatment you get, and does it stop you're liver getting damaged, one thing I've noticed lately is a bloated stomach , I don't drink or smoke, and eat as healthy as I can, and exercise due to my bad arthritis ant advice would be greatful for it thank you xxxxxxxxx

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Hello Rachel843012, I'm fairly new to the forum. Just posted 5 days ago. I'm 61 and live in London. Sorry, I haven't got much knowledge of Hep B as I was diagnosed just two years ago but it seems I've had it at least for 40 years and it's now become chronic. ( It's a bit of a story) So far I've had 2 ultrasounds and I'm being monitored. No medication yet cos viral load is not consistently high enough. I have quite an array of symptoms though. Anyway, enough about me .

I noticed you posted 8 months ago, how are you, now? I hope you are ok. Looking forward to hearing from you.


There was no test for hbv until the late seventies so you had post transfusion hepatitis on file and that is why you were not told. I had a similar experience being diagnosed as non a and non b in 1979 and finally tested for hep c in 2004, even though I had non a and non b hepatitis on my file for 20 plus years don't blame mum or dad it was just the science was not there in the sixties to know what caused post transfusion hepatitis.

call the hbv helpline on 08000 46 1911 for a better explanation Paul