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Results for 8 week check-up


This will be a very short blog today. I did want to share with everyone that my NP called me on Tuesday with the results of my 8 week VL test: I continue to be UNDETECTED. This is super good news. I know in my heart, my soul and my body that the Hep C is now gone and gone for good. Of course I must still continue with my treatment. The next big step is my VL results for 12 weeks. I go to the Clinic on December 20th for this. I have been told that due to the Christmas holidays, etc., I won't find out the result until early in January. That is fine with me. I know it will be UNDETECTED as well but I am very patient.

Also, I now have only 3 weeks left of the Incivek!!!!!! I can't tell you how happy I will be to end that drug. It has been the worst time for me on this. I am just so thankful that I only have to take it for the first 12 weeks of treatment. The next 12 weeks, after that, should be a lot better. This is what I've been told anyway.....we shall see.

Well, there isn't too much else to report. I continue to feel "weird" and not well. I have the nausea pretty much under control with my Zofran. The biggest problem for me right now is the fatigue. I have no energy and can hardly get motivated to even get dressed. I hate feeling like this but I know it is all part of the treatment and what I have to go through.

I hope everyone is well and busy getting ready for Christmas! So much to do at this time of year. Please have fun while doing all your stuff and try to focus on "the reason for the season".

Love to all.....


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That is really great news. Congratulations!

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Thanks very much.....I am very lucky!!!!!