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Blood Transfusions in Private Hospitals

Hi all,

I was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis C and have been attempting to understand how I contracted it. I had heart surgery in 1986 and this appears the most probable cause. I have been able to find out that it is 'very likely' that I was given blood during the surgery, but formal records from the private hospital have long since been destroyed. I'm waiting for my GP records, but the question I have for the community is, has anyone else been infected through blood supplies from a private hospital. Would this have been an NHS supply in 1986?

Any advice on who to ask to find out more?



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You are in the UK? If so I'm unsure if any of the tainted blood was still being used in 86 but that's doubtful as the blood that was used by the NHS was procured from one or more Arkansas USA prisons in the 50s and 60s. But there was no mandated testing of blood donations for HCV until 91 when a viable quick HCV antibody test was developed and put into full use on all donated blood. Now I am in the US but I am fairly versed on the subject as I Admin a number of HCV support groups and am in pretty continual communication with The Tainted Blood Support Group in the UK. One of my co-Admins is in the UK and is one of the primary speakers/responders in the Enquiry being conducted in the UK. I'll check with the group co-admin that's part of the Enquiry to verify some of the info I gave. Be back shortly.

OK a clarification. Yes that tainted blood was still being used until the late 80s. I'll have a link or two for you in a moment.

This is a link by Paul Desmond, excellent info


This is for the Contaminated Whole Blood group



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