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Where are we all?

Not many posts on here at all,where is everyone, some posts are years old,am I missing something or is this site in remission?

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Im wondering the same thing!?how do you kno if your post are being seen?i put allow everyone to see my post..i notice nothing new to read..maybe people are too busy??

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Really strange,disappointing, hope you're doing well,

Had my bloods done,last report says I'm down to 110. Not seen or heard a word since,feel like I'm in limbo,

Emailed the liver unit,they will respond in time I guess.

It's nice outside here at the moment,make the most out of it.make hay while the sun shines.

Take care,



I feel like that too because im just waiting for my 3 months post treatment check up.i hope everything is still good.last i checked 3 weeks ago i was undetected..i feel grateful ..enjoying my family


Same don’t see updates no more I often think of everyone and wounder how things are


Me too..its great to hear about others and i would like everyone to get the care they're needing.sharing my thoughts with others who are going through this helps since it can feel overwhelming

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