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Trying to bring down treatment prices

Hi everyone, I hope you don't mind me posting on here. We're a new group called Just Treatment - we're led by patients and based in the UK. We're trying to bring down the cost of drugs like Sofosbuvir so that they are more readily available on the NHS. We're working with a group of patients, some of whom have Hep C. If anyone would be interested in hearing more about what we do please message me on here, or you can find us on Facebook and Twitter. My email is elizabeth@justtreatment.org and our website is justtreatment.org/. Thanks and good luck to everyone who's trying to access treatment!

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I would be happy to help in anyway


Hey, great to be in touch and thanks so much. It looks like you've been on ribavarin - I hope that things have improved a bit for you. It would be great to be in touch - would you maybe like to email me on elizabeth@justtreatment.org and perhaps we could arrange to have a chat?


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