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Chris B

I found out I had hep c a year ago and was devasted, didn't know a thing about it, the doctors reckoned I contracted it in the 80s through blood transfusion, thank god both my kids tested negative, I was told I was on the waiting list for Epclusa and i would have to wait 5yrs for treatment because I was healthy and it had not damaged my liver. I was gutted to say the least but the chronic fatigue I was suffering interfered with every part of my life, went for a check up and I don't know why the consultant bump me up the list, I took epclusa every day for 12 weeks and my blood is now clear of hep c, my first visit to hospital I had five hundred million of the germs per tiny bit of blood second visit they were gone, the best thing though is being able to use my brain again, I didn't realise it was so fogged up till it cleared, hopefully Epclusa will be available to everyone soon, fingers crossed my blood test in February will be clear and then May, after that I will be hep c free .

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Hi! You sound really positive. I'm in the UK and they are putting me on an 8 week treatment. I hope I get my life back. I am really struggling now I've had it for 18 years. At this moment I am in my bed tired and fogged up. I really want energy back.

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That's amazing. I'm at the stage now were I can't fight it anymore, I need assistance maaaaann lol😊my body is tired I'm only 39 and havnt the energy to work. I get a shower and get ready to go out n I feel it's time for bed again😪😪😪some days I don't get out of Bed and I think because I'm not out and about meeting people it's only natural to get depressed do it's a big unhealthy circle I'm in.


Fingers crossed and wish you look happy Christmas and all the best for 2018


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