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Top tips for the newly diagnosed

Firstly the thing you will immediately want to do is read up on hep c. Become an authority on your condition, after a while you will be armed with probably more knowledge than some G.P s.

Until you have had further tests and scansTRY NOT TO WORRY UNNECESSARILY

A very large percentage of people diagnosed with hep c have mild symptoms and no liver damage. So until you have the full picture try not (maybe easier said than done) to obscess about it.

If youre a drinker cut right back to the occasional glass or stop. If you are taking regular medication check that this is suitable for your liver. At one point when my bloods came back the GP was more concerned about medication i was taking than the odd glase of wine .

Eat healthy, avoid fatty foods and get a good 7 or 8 hours sleep.

All obvious stuff really. I think relaxation is important.......whatever works for you.

For me quitting drinking wine did not work after the initial weeks. Having drunk wine with meals for most of my adult life it caused me more stress and made me obsessive about the whole hep c thing

Obviously if youre feeling bad and drinking makes it worse well its a no brainer.

As for treatment well push hard for it especially if hep c is really incapacitating you. If you are financially viable research getting the medication yourself once a health proffesional has advised you on the best treatment.

Good luck to you all.

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