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Wish i knew then what i know now

When first diagnosed with hep c 15 years ago i went on an online reading binge finding out as much as possible.

Until diagnosis id had very little in the way of symptoms apart from fatigue. The diagnosis was a surprise and i knew little about hep c.

Having read up on it i felt that i was destined to suffer liver damage and eventual cirrossis. Of course i wad stressed and tried to immediately give up alcohol as reccommended. I also went on the liver cleansing diet( book by Sandra Cabbot).

All this was fine but it wasnt me. I put myself through unnecessary torment by not having the odd glass of wine.

As time elapsed i learned to live quite well by cutting back on drinking and cutting out fatty foods was a major help.

My G.P was very supportive and didnt ramp up the symptoms or effects of having hep c. I was living in Australia at the time and the health system would probably not have paid the full cost of treatment so i left it.

I did worry during the first couple of years but came to realise for me i would live with hep c for many years and any impairment was to be gradual.

Maybe i am lucky though at 64 having had hep c for probably about 45 years it would be time for the nhs to offer me treatment as the possibility of decline i imagine will increase and it would be nice to have more energy.

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I too have only just been diagnosed 😷

have no idea where and when I contracted it. Maybe 25 yrs ago after seriously ill with pregnancy and complications. Absolutely scared as been v poorly past 6mths, Dr's disbelieved anything wrong with me. waiting to hear re referral. still waiting on genotype & viral load results.

I am hopeful for you, can't wait to get treatment, even considering buying private meds if it saves me ☺

glad to have this trust to access


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Sounds like you are suffering rather and your case isnt really clear cut.

I guess you where feeling ill and had symptoms which took you to the G.P who must have had some inkling that it was hep c to test for it.

I can only say what worked for me when i was stressed and feeling nausrous and anxious. Healthy low fat diet in fact liver cleansing diet can help you feel better. Being in touch with other hep c sufferers can help. Good sleep quit drink if that works for you.

I actualy find the odd drink helps me relax but were all different.

Good luck with your treatment . I have heard of people buying the tablets from overseas, Australia gets mentioned once or twice.

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Thanks for replying. It was a nurse who said request all the hep virus cos of my ongoing symptoms. yes I have a healthy diet so look better than I feel ☺I never have been a big drinker as could never handle it. Once a week but stopped that in April.

Sure we all react to viruses differently with different symptoms. Never eaten lots of fats. Start my days with lemon juice and raw garlic. Yum yum. Maybe hitting me hard as I am tiny and weigh 6 st. definitely makes me feel a whole lot better joining this forum.

Good luck with your treatment too.

Best wishes


Many thanks. You sound as if your diet is amazingly healthy snd you could do no more.

If you suffer stress or anxiety meditation, relaxation and i guess mindfullness play a part. You sound like you are on top of everything you yourself can do.

So just down to the treatment really.

All the best😆


Aww thanks. yes I did yoga for many years and now have started again but baby yoga! Got my referral in 2 weeks 😊I even contemplated colloidal silver and chlorophyll! Like yourself have had lots of time to read up on hep c. Doing what the Dr's advise. Have a good weekend



Thanks for yr advice Paul I will endeavour to cut out fatty good well bad days from my diet. I felt great when I bought the book love yr liver and live longer. It explains in layman's terms how viral an organ the liver is and explains good and bad oils etc along with great recipes. This book I treat as a bible it's by a Dr " Sandra Abbott" you've probably read it but for new comers I think valuable read.


I'm also an Aussie, diagnosed over in England in 2017. Interesting reading about your experience, I have completely nose dived health wise and energy is the first to go, since finding I have hep c I have found it hard to cope, been to hospital once and seeing community health team at the moment, its the stigma attached to hep that bothers me,I feel like I'm on my own.Glad you have made it to 64, well done, I'm just keen to be shod of it all.


Hi Philipoussie,

Im sorry to hear you are suffering a fair bit . Maybe im lucky and in fact around the time i was diagnosed i felt worse. I guess ive adapted my life over the last 15 years and i know my stumbling points, erratic hours , too much alcohol and fatty foods as well as stressful situations.

Yes i guess ive got used to the stigma. Ive never mentioned it in my work which is in the caring industry.

I hope you are able to get treatment soon and wish you all the best.

I lived with hep c unknowingly for for probably 33 years so its something if not treated that i will die with rather than because of .😃😆🤗


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