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Impact on relationships

I think the major impact on my relationships has been in my social life which has had to bd adapted. Not being able to drink much alcohol has meant whdn everyone else is partying on im falling asleep in a chair or have gone home early.

Catching up with friends and family means me heading off to bed by 12.00 as fatigue kicks in.

Ive been in the same relationship for almost the length of my hep c positive status so this makes that aspect of my life easy at least.

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I haunt stopped drinking at all. I mean the nhs consultant has told me that my liver is healthy and I shall go on a waiting list as people with damage to the liver are first to get treatment. So why stop??? May as well carry on having fun and when it's damaged enough they will give me the treatment. How fucking stupid is that hey. Surely if your healthy it makes better to cure before it gets any worse. Anyway I have given up any hope so I just carry on as I am. Doesn't help I'm a chef and surrounded by alcohol and social events daily. As for fatigue I work 70hrs a week and deal with the symptoms I'm exhausted constantly and am at my tether. Of to india for 5 months to relax and hopefully buy some meds there. Worth a go!!


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