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Hi. I've just been tested positive. Not sure what genotype I have yet. Seeing the gp for referral next week. I think I've had this virus for over 20 years. I haven't had any symptoms. Found out coz my husband is showing signs of liver damage. 24 week to see to specialised in Kent. I'm worried coz nhs is struggling. I've looked at mess and prices and they are not cheap. I think just trying to keep positive is the way forward. I have started a journal. I will keep you posted. X

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Pretty much same here but I have complained with symptoms for 10 yrs but especially over past 5 months, finally, after much pleading got a diagnosis. waiting for genotype & viral load and for hospital appt,

I agree trying to keep as positive as possible,

At least we are in the system now.



Hello. Just joined this forum. How are you doing? I got diagnosed over a year ago and kind of being ignoring it really, although showing up for appts etc I haven't really told anyone.


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