Hepatitis c

I've just done the 12 weeks treatment which I didn't find so bad I'm getting a wierd thing I've never had before feeling breathless pounding heart can't lay down feel like I need to rush outside very scarey think I'm gonna have a heart attack cud it be due to the new hep c treatment went to Dr's can't see me for a heart monitor till next week what can I do ?

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  • I'm 11 weeks into the treatment, reasonably athletic and generally fit, but I have had similar experiences a few times during treatment, always accompanied by dizziness. In my case though I do lay down and it seems to pass. It almost feels like my heart is working harder than usual to get blood to my brain.

  • If you don't mind me asking what was the treatment called that you had for hep c I started the new treatment called zepatier got told there's no side affects the first two weeks of treatment I had a few pains but the fourth to fifth week I have really bad pains in my back,legs and arms I feel dreadful no energy what's so ever and these pains in my legs are awful I'm into the 6th week of 12 week of treatment hope these pains subside soon

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