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Hep c Be for 2014?? Treatment Q s

Hi ' can anyone tell me who went through the hep - c treatment in 2013/14 still have or have just started having a CONSTANT PAIN AT THE BOTTOM OFF your SPINE ( ALL ROUND ) side to side??? Also anyone eles having a he'll of a time to put any kind of weight on??? - as since I went through back in 2013/14 wen treatment was new to the market! I am still trying to out 2 st back on - I have never put a gram on nevef mind stones n pounds. Please let me know if anyone eles has had thoughts trouble s. Thanks James

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This is perfectly Natural James! Do you know one of the major causes of preventing a person putting weight on is Worry and Stress? I've been there mate, I was so worried about it I actually started to LOSE weight! It aint easy all the time james but try to Relax, thats all, try and forget about it cos worrying will make it worse, This part is really Hard mate....FORCE yourself to eat, I know its almost impossible but I dont mean a Three Course Meal,I would just munch a bag of crisps now and again and believe me mate, slowly but surely your appetite will get better!


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