HCV treatments are expensive

#HCV treatments are available but are 2 expensive. Patents are blocking generic competition #endhepatitis #hepatitis bit.ly/2m95jMv

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  • There is a strong movement in Australia dedicated to providing the less fortunate with low cost hep c generics

    Here's a relevant article:


    Feel free to reply for more info :-)

  • Thanks for sharing this article! What's the difference between a general patient and a concessional patient?

  • General patient is any person who holds a Medicare card (Australian citizens, permanent residents) or a reciprocal Medicare card (visitors to Australia who come from UK, USA, NZ, Belgium, Finland, Greece and few other euro nations).

    A concession patient is a person who holds a Medicare card and is a 'low income earner' (combined household income of approximately 45K a year) who is eligible for a Centrelink healthcare card. Also aged pensioners (65-70 years of age), war veterans (or their spouses) and those with a disability pension (and their careers) are classified as concessions patients and receive a further subsidy on their medication.

  • Thank you for the information! This is a great movement. It would surely reduce the rate of HCV in Australia. Hopefully other countries adopt this movement to exterminate HCV from the earth.

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