Hep c type 4

Hi have hep c for more 10 years had the treat with Injection and the tablet 4years ago for 9 months didn't work as have type 4 ,been left on the wind because I wasn't bad enough to have the new treatment that was found just a month after...a bit upset was spend 17.000 in my treat.50-50 they said ,and prob.with this new drugs I could be cured ?best of luck

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  • Can you afford to buy privately at low cost from reputable seller?

    Could you join a group funding for meds?

    Would you be offered treatment in future?

    Hope you get what you need sooner rather than later

    Best wishes

  • AussiePharma

    I know several legitimate suppliers in Australia who can ship overseas.

    This person can help you purchase reputable meds from Oz

    (He replied to someone about a month ago.

    You could personal message him for details)

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