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Pregnancy and ribavirin

I'm posting here in the hope someone has any advice or has experienced what I'm going through now!!

My partner received treatment for hep c ribavirin and harvoni. I know that we were both strongly advised to use contraception when sexually active. However one night we didn't and here I am 5 weeks pregnant and I really don't know if its a viable option to keep the baby due to warnings of birth defects etc due to the ribavirin. There's not a lot of case studies reported but the ones I've read online from the USA I found there has been in the majority healthy babies born. I guess I'm looking to hear if anyone would advise me on what they would do or if they know anyone who has been in this situation and what they decided to do. Really at a loss here as I don't want to have a termination if there is a chance baby will be healthy!!

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You or your healthcare provider should contact the ribavirin pregnancy registry by calling 1-800-593-2214. The ribavirin pregnancy registry collects information about what happens to mothers and their babies if the mother takes ribavirin while she is pregnant

Hope you find this helpful Margaret,

Just C/P this from advice site

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If you're in UK you could google and e mail them


Thank you. I saw this online but thought it was just for people in the USA. I will email them. Thanks again x


O Margaret..this is a real dilemma and involves another being not yet born

If it was me I would proceed with the pregnancy and pray every day

Prayer is powerful and healing on many levels

I would also research online and have expert professional advice

I'd also have hands on healing

I so wish I could offer more help/advice

I'll google and see what I can find

Be strong and calm in all this

Very best wishes to you,your husband and your baby.


Thank you for your reply. I have just spoke with the liver specialist at the hospital and he said although it is not recommended the risks are very low. I don't feel comfortable going through with a termination however I don't want to puty unborn baby at risk either! I have searched online for hours on end this past week and can only find 2 sets of case studies that were actually quite encouraging. I just don't want to bring a baby into this world that could have major health issues due to us being so careless. I am so so confused but I think the right thing to do would be to keep the baby and have very close monitoring with detailed scans etc. Thank you so much for your comment x


Looks like you are doing the right thing as risks are low

All good wishes Margaret and for your partner's cure/recovery.


Thanks so much. He has tested negative at end of his treatment 6 weeks ago so praying it doesn't return the way it did when he had the ribavirin/interferon treatment 3 years ago!! Good luck to you too abs thanks again x

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