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Report raises questions about long-term effects of DAAs for HCV

DAAs have been a successful form of treatment for #HCV, but researchers now question if it is truly helpful in the long term. "...more than 500 reports of liver failure and more than 1,000 reports of severe liver injury related to the drugs over one recent 12-month period." #health #hepatitis #patients #treatment


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Yeah have been trying to find good news. Cirrhosis f4 and grade 0.47- still compensated, but co-morbidity of COPD, auto immune, lesions on kidneys, osteoarthritis. Had a dr try to shove upclusa down my throat w/o even checking for HBV which I had when I was 17. (you're fired lol) He said I might have 5 years w/o treatment. Just don't know. My worries are cancer. LIver & kidneys shut down. I'd rather live -- I don't know??

Haven't gave up yet, got another gastro, we'll see??? 5 weeks.


Hi Bob, I have the same worries about treatment as you and suffer the same additional ailments, my livers shot from hep c type 1a, also had bad case of hep A and B, COPD, osteoarthritis plus more. I worry I'll die quicker with treatment, from aggressive liver cancer or liver shut down. I just wondered, did you over come your fear of treatment or are you managing without?


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