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Purchase Drugs from Abroad.

I was diagnosed with HepC in May last year, and was told to wait until the new oral drugs were available (Sofosbuvir & Velpatisvir a 12 week regimen in tablet form) rather than the old interferon. I was promised the new drugs in March of this year and now I am told it is going to be later in the year. I am willing to purchase the drugs from abroad - has anyone any details relating to this ? How do I go about obtaining them ?

I have been introduced to a Tour & Cure scheme in Egypt but this costs £6000.

I am told that they can be obtained from India for £1200.

Thanks Paul

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Buyer Beware! Lots of fake Hep C meds around, Egypt,India etc

Google it

Best to wait..few months won't make much difference to anything

Good luck.

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Also found in Israel,Japan,Phillipines etc..just looked it up

Best wishes Paul for your complete cure/recovery :-)


I can help you with this if you like. I'll send you a private message, I hope your okay with that.


Hope you don't mind me making Paul aware of rogue suppliers

I was offered by one last year

You are most likely genuine but wise to be very careful who you buy

meds from as could be fake,contaminated etc

Best wishes.


Jenny are you a Nurse / doctor ? I tried to send you a reply but think I deleted it - I have read your blog on Ketogenic Diet and looked at the details of Fake drugs in Burma - you seem clued up ! I got pneumonia last year, nearly died and then was diagnosed with Hep C - not priority as not IVDU and live in the North of England - two hospitals lost their Hep C consultants (moved to London - there is no decent employment in the North) Have been given conflicting information, but I am advised that the Freeman Hospital Newcastle will monitor my blood, if I purchase the drugs from abroad - I have chronic Hep C genotype 3a viral load 3.2x10^5 fibroscan 13KPa. Paul

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Paul, the absolute best advice anybody could give you is this. Seek advice from your local doctor and specialist. Ask them which medication regime is best suited to you. Listen to your doctor/specialist and seek general advice online. Online support groups are fantastic for social support and tips on natural remedies for side effects etc.

As I said, if you would like some info regarding your query, I'm happy to help. I am not a scammer not am I a 'rogue supplier'.

All the best.


Just done a lot of research Paul

Best of luck with the treatment however you come by it ..Jenny


No I don't mind. I'm just trying to answer the man's question and provide some assistance.

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Paul, we are an American non profit, please go through our patient assistance program first to see if we can get the treatment to you for free. If you have exhausted all venues to get your treatment, we recommend you visit our friend sunnypharma.org. If you're skeptical about getting generics please visit our non profit site soulofhealing.org. We're available at hcvmeds@gmail.com or our San Diego, California number 1-858-952-1077.


I have purchased the drugs from fixhepc.com a Dr Freeman who runs REDENPTION 4 Trail in Australia - cost for 12 weeks £1600 English pounds I requested a letter from my GP but no response

The hospital responded " I have received your e mail regarding a prescription for medications to be issued from abroad. Legally we are unable to issue a prescription on a medicine that was no pharmaceutical approval. Ethically we are all professionally bound by the FDA as you will be aware."

I have now requested a letter from the hospital which I am informed is required from customs but find that no-one in England wants to help - this is the 3rd hospital I have been passed to.

I spent a great Holiday in SanDiego some years ago - wonder if the Queen Mary is still a hotel ! My brother served on her.

Thanks for your assistance I will pass it on !


Hi Paul, I had an appointment with nurse practitioner on 17th February this year and was informed that the new Epclusa treatment (Sofosbuvir & Velpatisvir) had been approved that same day for use by the NHS so good news 🙂 I thought i would have to wait months but am due to start treatment in April/May.. l have genotype 3... chase up your doctor's and see how you get on ..

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I was first told March then told April, after waiting a year I am no longer willing to wait any longer - I am not a priority case as I don't inject drugs & have no tattoos and my wife is negative. Think I contracted this from Darlington Hospital where I was critically ill with Pneumonia.

I therefore last week imported the Drugs from the buyers club which cost me £1800. These are Epclusa treatment Sofosbuvir & Velpatisvir branded as Panovir. Could have got them cheaper !

I am in the North of England - first with Darlington Hospital then Durham now Newcastle - My local GP refused to give me a letter to import the Drugs also the nurse practitioner at the Freeman.

I had to Skype a doctor in Australia at 2 in the morning cost £40.

Been on the drugs one week, told I need blood tests after 2 weeks - my local surgery confirmed they would do the tests but now informed me they can't.

Keep in touch and Thank you Jenny - its a poor state of affairs in England - I have a house in France where I could get treat for nothing !! I run a B&B in Durham - if cleared you can come to my coming out Party !!


Interested to know if you have received drugs from NHS I have been on the imported drugs for 3 weeks - no massive side effects but feel no great improvement - go to the hospital for viral blood blood tests tomorrow.


No, not started treatment yet. Am on holiday for a month then will chase up ...


Keep me informed - will put on line the results of my viral load tests when i get them ( possibly next week ) to see if the genetic drugs I imported are working

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Good news - Been on the new treatment which I purchased this is working ! - Viral load down from 300,000 to just 60 in one month



My best friend has just been started on Epclusa in West Yorkshire, at an NHS Foundation Trust Hospital, after a similar experience to many- consultant advised waiting for this new treatment due to positive reports about (lack of) side-effects. After waiting around 6 months he was given his first batch of Epclusa last week and told he will get subsequent prescriptions directly from the hospital where he received treatment (rather than usual pharmacy). The nurse made sure to really push home the fact that this medication is VERY expensive too, though!! Several times! BUT...so far, so good, negligible side-effects, if any. (Woke with some pain in/around shoulders and head/neckache but of course this could be entirely unrelated.

Good vibes to all,



I have experienced pain in my elbow and shoulder, but doing some plastering work - happy that I am able to do this as last year i could hardly walk due to the pneumonia - get my 5 week blood test on Monday and will post the results. Hope your friends treatment works !


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