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Short-term cost of interferon-free therapies for all HCV patients high yet cost-effective

Few millions of HCV patients participated in a nation-wide study debating on the cost expense of treatment. The results were a win-win as "administering less expensive regimens to non-cirrhotic patients and expensive yet more effective regimens to cirrhotic patients resulted in optimal outcomes for patients and insurers."


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I'm starting to wonder if this website is funded by pharmaceutical companies. The only reason I say that is anytime someone offers to provide generic treatment for HIV or Hepatitis C there are a lot of caveats. I totally understand, yes take the utmost precaution, but verify the credentials of the organization that is providing the treatment. Ask if you can speak with a few patients that have gone through the organization's program. There are many ways to perform due diligence, do they have a phone number, do they email back if you ask questions in a reasonable time, do they have references, do they work with doctors and nurses in the US or your home country. There are bona fide organizations online that cater to folks that cannot afford treatment in the US, UK, EU and many other parts of the world. Its not just about being skeptical and dismissing those folks that are providing access to treatment, its about getting the right treatment that will save your life from an organization that you trust.


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