New hepc treatment available on nhs in wales

My partner and i were called yesterday by his nurse asking him to come straight down to see her. She said hes gonna start his treatment now. As u can imagine he was terrified. We had been told more times than we wanted to hear how it last 6-9 months and there are awful side effects and it might not cure u and it will probably leave u with a cancer of some sort(!!!!!) Anyway after an agonizing walk to see her we finally arrive at appointment with faces as white as ghosts only to be told "dont panic, u know that £35,000 treatment that has no side affects 96% cure rate and only last 12 weeks and that u thought u wouldnt never get, well u got it!

If u got hepc and live in wales and have been putting off treatment - start it now!!!!!

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  • That is good news! So in early should be feeling loads better!

  • Hes been so scared what makes it worse is i gave it to him not on purpose i didnt know i had it but then i cleared it myself i was one of the lucky few but he wasnt so lucky. I just hate watching him go through this im so thankful he waited for the new treatment coz he was supposed to start last january but he was terrified - they paint a pretty bleak picture but thank god it worked out well. I cant belive hes gonna be clear by april!!!!

  • What treatment plan is he on? Is he on tablets?

  • He starts treatment on jan 25th. All we know is its a tablet a day and he has hepc genome 3 (?) I cant remember the name of meds but i will write it down at next appointment x

  • I have just completed my 12 week course and am now six weeks past within a six week period Hep had become undetectable , if I hadn't got some little liver transplant problems I would be brilliant now !

  • Please can i ask what was the treatment like. How ill does it make u?

  • Have you had the twelve week treatment yet ? I had Harvonia and Ribavirin, a small bout of headaches nothing to worry about and a bit forgetful ,

    That was it !!

    It's now 18 weeks since and no trace , mind you the viral load was non visible during the treatment , brilliant drug . Good Luck

  • hes finished his treatment and same as u all he got was headaches. within 6 weeks we knew it was working he looked so much better and now he is all clear and we are having a baby!!! this has been an amazing year!

  • Since my last post , Hep C is still invisible on week 18 so I dare to say yippee!

    But I've had to have surgical bile duct reconstruction to my transplant , as the original duct join failed , should have put a zipper in my chest instead of stitches !

    Anyway that was done successfully but I had a collection of poison left in me which boy had me sick anyway that got drained and now I am recovering again back where I was two years ago but no Hep C to worry about attacking my new liver .

  • I have just found I have hep c. My own fault . I relapsed started using after being clean for 10 years. I lost my family and home. Had to live on the streets for 2 years. It became I did not care what happened to me. I was at the lowest point of my life. Living with some of the lowest of the lowest people. I could not find a needle one night and shared with a lad I knew had it. Like I say I did not care if lived or died. Plus I had had the hep injections so thought I was immune to it. I managed to turn my life around. Found life again. Started to love myself again. So I thought I better get a check up and my bad luck for life reared its ugly head once again and yes I have infected myself with hep c. I am doctors tomorrow for check on health then going to be booked into hospital can anyone help me through what to expect. How not to pass in into anyone else. What I am going to feel. Go through. Side effects. Cure rate. Thank you in advance

  • omg thats story sounds so familiar. u were an addict and when ur ill all u care about is stopping the pain and like u said u thought u were protected with vaccine. we all make mistakes but that doesnt mean u deserve whats happened to u so stop beating urself up. positive mental attitude now hun lets focus on getting better not how u got it. first question - do u live in wales, uk? treatments are different in different places x

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