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The Hepatitis Foundation International is looking to interview a hepatitis C patient with Medicaid Insurance and from the Washington, DC area. We would like for you to share your story about the social injustice you have experienced while trying to obtain access to hepatitis C treatment.

If you are interested or know of someone that is interested in sharing their story, please contact HFI at 1-800-891-0707.

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I bet they really don't


Why the DC area? I'm a bit confused. I live in Florida and have Medicaid, I've been denied numerous times, for various reasons. I've had my fibrosis score, viral count, ana testing, CT scans, ultrasound of my liver. I've had my Geno type tested and so many gastroenterologists in the past two years that only one is left in my network that even accepts Medicaid, and he's over 2 hours driving away from me. So maybe you could possibly broaden your spectrum a bit. That would be a wonderful Christmas gift


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