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Advice please

Found out I had hcv. last April CT scans all clear of cancer ... started medication mid October and first blood test showed 'clear' of virus I was of course over the moon only to be told I have a tumour in my portal vien (inoperable ) ...No cancer in the family history makes me wonder about these med .....anyone else had a cancer diagnosis once meds start?

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Yes immediately but I also had hep c for 43 years. It was my second treatment. That was 2014. The first lasted a year 2004. I have just been diagnosed with a second cancer. Its in my lungs now, it was only in my liver. I know how you feel or maybe I do, it makes me wonder. But here I am. I am sorry you have cancer.


Thanks for that ..what treatment did you have for the cancer and how long have you been living with cancer? My first question I asked when told was 'how long do I have ?' The doctor couldn't say I had to drag a year out of her ...do you think not giving me a time is based on a lack of certainty on doctors part in general?

My mane is Barry, Thank you for your response (means a lot sanity wise)


Hi Barry. This must be devastating for you. Didn't you say you are only about 40. I am turning 65 soon. It's devastating for me. I have had liver cancer for 2&1/2 years. The first year it did not grow at all. Now it has moved into my lungs and I have liver cancer. I meant last night to look up cancer of the portal vein. I have never heard of it. In the U. S. you can not be transplanted when the cancer begins to show up in more organs. They called off the treatment for liver cancer once they found liver cancer now growing in my lungs. Two cancers is too much for me. I try as hard as I can like last week I did endurance exercise 6 hours. The lung cancer is new. I think an Oncologist will tell you how long you have left. They told me to tell my family it is the end but I still get up and cycle hours in the sun on the highway in traffic out here on the rural coast of Oahu where I live. I hope that helps some. Let me know. Oh yeah the cancer treatment was supposed to be y90 or chemo if they thought the y 90 I could not survive. I am flat today. I cannot even be in the island sun. It causes me to become far more fatigued. I wish I had my hep c back to die from and not these cancers. But it may have killed me just the same. I can never know. I even found articles saying the Olysio They used on me was causing cancer to return in patients who had been treated for cancer and had it at least in remission or no signs of it. So that says a lot. I really have no anger about that but it's very sad as I was meant otherwise to live a far longer life. I have a son age 40 and a daughter age 37. I am sure to get up again but this is how I live now till I am totally overcome by cancer. I have to endure very little pain. I rarely have any. I think that's because I exercise. At this point none of my doctors are interested in me. I am considered only a patient who will be turned over to pain management doctors. Otherwise I get to take whatever is going on to our emergency room on the island. Let me know how you are. If you want you can even private message me but members do get much help when we all openly share. Aloha


I'm so sorry, though I dare say your still with us from your positive attitude. .bit of sunshine always helps I'm sure ,not like bleak old London. I guess my being told only last Wednesday would shock the best of us and your case has certainly inspired me .

Take care and thanks again

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Ant time. Thank you.


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