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Hi,im so glad i found out these hepc chat.im 26 years old from phil.,but curently work here in qatar as caregiver.my medical last oct 2 laboratories was written as Anti hcv 4.848 reactive and abnormal and they requested for architect hcv RNA last oct 24, but until now i dont know the result,.im so afraid and worried.i do not know how to deal with it..il kept it in my self..no one knows..please help me!!! Anyone who can enterpret my lab result..

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Hi zxazxa,

Welcome to this friendly and helpful site

Please don't worry,

People on this site including me have had Hep C many years now

You're lucky in a way you found out at this period in time

As the success rate from the new meds is very high

I can't interpret your results but if you have Hep C active

Then you will probably have different tests done

Viral load,fibroscan,and ultrasound,liver function tests etc to determine the best course of treatment for you and to evaluate the health of your liver etc.

You are very young and with treatment will be cured.

All good wishes,



Thank you for your reply.. it gives me courage and hope to face this kind desease..every inspirational mesages from all of you is very important to me..

Im just still waiting for the result of my hcv RNA..


Keep in touch Xx


Thank you jenny for being active to these community..i've done reading your response to others member..your such a good person!!


I wish i was,

Bless you for saying it though

Means a lot

Have a wonderful day in spite of hep c etc

Just a matter of time before you're cleared/cured

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Hi zxazxa I don;t have Hep C , but i have Hep B i have had it for at least 40 years, though my Liver Specialist says i may have had it for as long as 55 years.I found out i have it about 30 years ago.I was told i was a carrier, but it was not active.Now i have had treatment for Autoimmune Diseases, and it is active again.The cortisone and other meds i took made it active again.I feel for you, i know you must be very frightened and worried.Try to stay strong.I want to wish you every success with your treatment.As others on this forum have said they have very good treatments now.You sound as if you are still young,so it is worth fighting for a good outcome.I will pray for you that you will be cleared of the Hep C and will be given the best treatment for it.Stay strong and do everything you can to look after your health.God bless you and give you the strength you need.

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Thank you Maam.. after reading your response to may post,.its boost my strength to face that hepa c!!!


Good on you.That's the way.Stay strong.

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