Hello, new member. I'm a 44 year old native american female from south Dakota. I Recently found out on August 12 that I have hep c. I contracted it by intravenous drug use. I did all the tests the doctor asked of me but I have yet to go back next week to find out more results. Doctor said that there is help for a cure as long as I stayed sober and did what he asked of me to do. I have been clean n sober 4 months now. I came back from living on the streets boozing n then drugging. It had gotten to a point where I had ended up in the ER so I made the decision to go home to family n get help. That's how I learned of contractin hep c. I knew at the back of my mind that I probably did have it. Truth b told the doctor told me. I didn't say anything or have a reaction so his words to me we're " don't yu have any questions? What are yu feeling?" he had this tone in his voice like I was suppose to b hysterical, crying or both n I wasn't because I already knew deep down that I would and there's no point in actin out. I havent told my parents or anyone close to me cuz I do not want anyone feeling pity or sorry for me. That's the last thing I need and also my younger sister has had hep c for couple years wit cirrhosis. She's still drinking today. It's hard on our parents that she's choosing to ignore her illness. My bf whom I'm wit today knows n is supporting me n helping me but yet I still feel so alone n isolated. I will kno more of my test results n what will be done next week. Thanks for listening.

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  • Hello windwarchild, Sorry you have been feeling so isolated, welcome to the group. The good news is that the new treatments for Hep C are much easier than the old regimes, usually 12 to 24 weeks depending on gene type, if you have cirrhosis already for example. Congratulations on being sober for 4 months. I don.t know about your area but here in England you have to be sober, drug free for 6 months before getting treated. This is partly due to the cost of the drugs and also because they do not mix well with alcohol. Will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Best wishes, Regards anne.

  • Hi, you sound committed. You will kill the virus. The treatments now have extremely high success rates. I am in the states. You would not want to mix alcohol with your treatment and its doubtful here you have to wait to be treated due to the fact you have only recently gotten sober. You probably will not have an issue with that as far as getting treated goes. Tell your parents after you have everything organized. Its great your boyfriend is suppotive. Good luck. This a good group to be in. Lots of support and feedback. Catfishjumpin

  • Thanks for sharing and good luck there is a cure check out Hepatitis and American Liver Foundation to check what other's are doing for themselves or if you have questions.

  • Hang in there and listen to your doctor. There are cures but right now it depends on different factors whether you qualify for the new drugs. Your doctor will probably give you more info on your next visit. Keep us informed.

  • Thank you all. I went to visit the doctor who had seen and diagnosed me. Well I learned today that he's no longer wit the hospital. Long story short. He did get my referral from the hospital to get me started on treatments. Yay! For me because the hospital oh I should say this it's an Indian health hospital on the pine ridge reservation n funding they get go fast to help others in whatever illness needs treated outside the hospital there so I was very very lucky that he helped in getting my treatments n help started before he left. My liver, kidneys and gallbladder are healthy. Other tests as HIV, diabetes, std's, colestarol are also good. I'm very very GREATFUL n thankful for this doctors help in getting me pointed in the right direction n in treating my illness. There were tests that he had done a was goin to do when they let him. Part of this was he was doin testing n other procedures the hospital didn't allow or were not suppose to do. Anyways I don't know which genotype I have. My appt. wit the liver specialist will find out. Im on the right path. Since finding out I've been doin a lot of thinking n doin small changes in my daily life. Avoiding alcohol all together. It's a struggle. Depression is the hardest. I'm already bi-polar wit manic depression. My feelings are raising havoc wit my mind, body n soul. Ive set up apt to talk to a therapist n I don't kno if they will put me back on my medications. I'll kno more next week Monday. I want to thank you for your welcome n replys. You all are my outreach to help me emotionally get thru this. Blessing to yu all! <3

  • Blessings reflected back to you also. So pleased for you that things are moving in the right direction. Please post or message whenever you feel the need. A good group of supportive folk here. Small changes everyday soon add up don,t they?. But the staying off the alcohol as you know is key to looking after our livers, it,s also one if not the toughest change we face as I know myself. I don,t use them myself but have been told that A.A and N.A as well as other groups have very good online support for folk who cannot get to, or are too anxious to attend regular meetings. I don,t know if they may be worth a try for extra help as you,ve mentioned therapy warchild, it may be useful for those tempting moments we all get!. Thanks for posting with your news, I,d been wondering how you were getting along. Stay strong, what a fantastic name you have for the journey ahead. My online name is after my pet cats, wish I had thought more about it!. Very best wishes, regards anne.

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