Hep c for 15 years

i've had hepatitis C for about 15 years never any problems got clean around that time 15 years ago now I must go for a liver biopsy I'm not scared because I have had an amniocentesis before and didn't feel a thing so I think this should be a breeze then will find out what the results are and if I should go on any medication to cure my hep c I may give it a shot. So I'm optimistic and I will let everyone know what happens the biopsy is scheduled for September 29 2016

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  • Best wishes to you for 29th. Would be a good idea to whack the hep anyway if you have the opportunity as the little blighter does eat away at our livers over time. The new treatments are markedly easier than the old ones of interferon etc Glad you have such a positive attitude. Regards anne.

  • Hi Tillycindy

    Thanks for liking some of my posts/messaging

    Looks like one of my messaging communications has come to a bit of a sticky end

    Guess i'm too outspoken sometimes

    Need to get brain in gear first

    I went to hospital again today

    And been offered Viekira instead of Harvoni

    Have you had treatment?

    Hope you're doing well whatever

  • Yes. I was like you and used herbs for yrs but got cirrhosis so decided to whack the hep. finished 2wks ago dac, sof, and the terrible riba! Cleared the hep but still feeling yuk ie no sleep, week from toxins, depressed. will you take it? anne x

  • Probably not as i'm ok healthwise ..touch wood

    If I took consultant says would have to have riba too as i'm gen 1

    Is it that bad?

    Read about Riba rage

    Could do without it

    At least you're free of the nasty little.......

    Hope you start to feel much better soon

    Jenny x

  • It does seem to be the riba that is the trouble, if hadn,t had cirrhosis wouldn,t have been given it. Gen 3a. Been told ribba can take 6mths to clear the system ! xx

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