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Finally getting treatment!!

After waiting for what seems like an eternity, l'm finally getting treatment with the new meds apparently a 12 week process, so far lm about 5 weeks into treatment and aside from feeling incredibly lazy l don't feel any different. No-one in my life except the medical profession know l have hep c-- I have been married for 28 years have been sexually active with my husband!! & thankfully he or no-one else has hep C so lm soo lucky that infection hasn't occurred to anyone bcause of me... l think l have had it about 15 years lm guessing, as for the treatment l don't feel any different, initially l had a headache for a few days but that went away now, really not feeling any different, just wanted to share, thanx for reading hope all goes well with everyone else waiting/receiving treatment

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Has it left any damage to your liver?


hey there,

I'm not sure l was suppose to have my first blood test since treatment started last week but l'm going to have it today.....I'll let u know :-)


Best wishes to you. Keep posting.


Ok so l finally got of my ass & got the meds l'm on so it is Sovaldi 400mg & Daclatasvir 60mg which l take one each daily.....still the same 12 week treatment, but my feet are so swollen they are killing me, l'll ring someone tomorrow about it & let u know, l've never been a great sleeper but it seems to be worse now, l'm only sleeping a couple of hours then up again...but could be anything l s'pose!!! the worse part of being on this medication & getting treatment is that no-one knows that l'm on medication & how l'm feeling l'm also looking after my 4y/o grandson virtually 24/7 I was suppose to have a blood test last week but l didn't make it so l have to do it Friday when l'm free to get away to do it!!! that's about me for the minute.......not so good l hope l feel better soon :-)

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Hi Donna, Congratulations. (on getting treated that is, not feeling yucky ! ). Afraid that,s fairly par for the course, but it does get better. The hospital prob told you this but make sure you keep hydrated with water, I put lemon in mine and it makes a huge difference. Those are powerful drugs they put us on. Best wishes. anne.


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