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Digestive Enzymes: Their role in viral treatment

Effect of Enzymes on Viruses

•The Effects of Plant Form Protease’s on Viruses

•Alpha-2-macroglobulin Function: Enzyme Support of Immune System

•Virus Symptoms: Cycling Patterns

•Other Possible Viral 'Die-off' Effects or Side-effects

•My Experience with Purify

•Reye's syndrome caution


•Descriptions of Specific Viruses

•Antivirals and Yeast Increase

•Lysine and Viruses

•Olive Leaf Extract and Viruses

see Results of Two Studies with Enzymes and Viruses

see MCT, Lauricidin, and Monolaurin

see Antiviral/antimicrobial Components in Dairy

see Enzymes and Warts

Effect of Enzymes on Viruses

This link gives a nice basic description of viruses and how they work (the discussion continues over several pages, with pictures):

How Stuff Works: Virus

sirinet.net/~jgjohnso/ aboutviruses.html

Viruses are not technically living things. They are particles made of proteins and DNA or RNA. When talking about viruses, you will see virus treatments referring to viral deactivation, virus inactivation, virus control, and virus suppression as well as 'killing a virus'. All refer to trying to get rid of or stop the harmful spread and effects of virus infection. A reference to virus 'die-off' means what happens while trying to get rid of a virus problem. But this is not in the same literally meaning as bacteria or yeast die-off.

Digestive enzymes have excellent history in the treatment of viral diseases. Viruses may enter the body by a variety of paths. An invading virus should be subdued and immobilized by the immune system, lying dormant and harmless in the body. In the gut, certain agents of the immune system in the mucosa lining usually conquer any viruses. However, if the intestinal mucosa is damaged or is deficient this can leave an opening for a virus to be reactivated, get out of control and become industrious in the gut, even spreading to other parts of the body. The same doorway results from having a weakened immune system

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noun: virus; plural noun: viruses;


an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat, is too small to be seen by light microscopy, and is able to multiply only within the living cells of a host.

"the hepatitis B virus"

an infection or disease caused by a virus.

"I've had a virus"

a harmful or corrupting influence.

"the virus of cruelty that is latent in all human beings"


a piece of code which is capable of copying itself and typically has a detrimental effect, such as corrupting the system or destroying data.



Late Middle English (denoting the venom of a snake): from Latin, literally ‘slimy liquid, poison’. The earlier medical sense, superseded by the current use as a result of improved scientific understanding, was ‘a substance produced in the body as the result of disease, especially one capable of infecting others’.


“Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi,

Masnavi i Man'avi, the spiritual couplets of Maula

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"The curse of a wise man is better than the blessing of a fool."

(Source unknown, maybe also Rumi.)

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cf Ecclesiastes 7:5


Re; cleverness is not always wisdom

and vice versa

Suppose what Rumi meant by cleverness is intellectual egotism

And bewilderment an openness to truth if/when it comes


When I replied to you I was not implying you were an egoist or not open to truth

Thinking about Rumi quote few mins ago

Not in my mind when I replied to you

I wondered about your virus quote

Thought you may be referring to me as virulent

I am not up for any more insults

Nor do I wish to hand them out


NO, I did NOT mean anything by explicating on virus....the actual meaning and sense of the word. I found that information some while ago and thought it apposite to your post... it does clarify that the word is not from the latin "vir" meaning "man" from which we derive "virility" and "virtue"

I thought it might be interesting to others, presumably the same reason as you posted in the first place.


y apologies.

I received notification of a reply from you

Had I known it was for others I would not have replied

My mistake


Great books,

Beautiful card

I'll reciprocate

Many thanks

Very much a surprise


Perhaps first reply too staccato

Dear Pateo,

I was very pleased,surprised (and moved by your generosity) to receive your gifts this morning

The books will no doubt be very helpful and much needed

Your address is on the Amazon Parcel

I would like to send you something you would appreciate in return

No more retaliations

Thanks again.


I am glad the books hit the right spot with you....I am actually shifting most of my books up to the Samye Ling library and while sorting through I came across these.

I would appreciate if you don't send me anything; I am in process of stripping down and clearing the decks; it seems to be an uphill battle at times.

I just bought a little trailer for the books and we are leaving, fully loaded in the early hours of tomorrow.

I repeat; please do NOT send me anything "in return".

All I wish for is your healing and wholeness.

I have seen changes through our conversation and I hope and trust that continues well with you.

Best wishes and


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Best wishes to you both


Ps I've moved on a bit,thanks

Can't erase 60 odd years of c...

If it wasn't for my cats I wouldn't bother with it all

I could read till kingdom Come

It's been too much

Thanks though for your contribution and the books

Wish you all good things.


Wallowing in self-pity.

You can do whatever you want to do...maybe you can't erase, but you can let go of it.

You prefer to remain as you are, and afraid to take a step away and out from your old patterns into an unknown and unknowable future.

Yes, you can read a million books and change nothing if you don't make the effort and put the knowledge into practise.

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It is good of you to reply

I was not anticipating it

Since eradicating most of my diversionary tactics

The pain i'm feeling has become unbearable

I've tried rationalising

And taking responsibility

I've meditated for short/long periods

Used every self healing technique I know

i'm grateful for it all on one level

On another I feel intense rage and upset at it all

I have to learn to live with it best I can

And be grateful for the good stuff

'I wasn't promised a rose garden'


A not so great photo, taken yesterday,

to go with the offensive rants

Hope all is well


I am unable to reply on PTSD site as I have been excommunicated

My source was on that site.

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I mean the original URL, and if you quote from somebody else's quote then say so...

I am talking about accepted academic practise and protocol

Then you won't be accused of plagiarism if it appears to be your own article you are spouting.

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Source was 'Anxiety Support' site

not ptsd


What has worked is 'Healtone'

Since using for Hep C, VL gone from 4,000,000

to 850

6 weeks

Healtone for M.E. also

Based on work of a Dr. Royal Rife

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A thousand reasons for worry,

A thousand reasons for anxiety

Oppress day after day

the fool,

But not the wise man.

-- Hitopadesa of Narayana

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“Dance when you're broken open

Dance if you've torn the bandage off

Dance in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood

Dance when you're perfectly free.”

― Jalaluddin Rumi


virus (n.)

late 14c., "venomous substance," from Latin virus "poison, sap of plants, slimy liquid, a potent juice," probably from PIE root *weis- "to melt away, to flow," used of foul or malodorous fluids, with specialization in some languages to "poisonous fluid" (source also of Sanskrit visam "poison," visah "poisonous;" Avestan vish- "poison;" Latin viscum "sticky substance, birdlime;" Greek ios "poison," ixos "mistletoe, birdlime;" Old Church Slavonic višnja "cherry;" Old Irish fi "poison;" Welsh gwy "fluid, water," gwyar "blood"). Main modern meaning "agent that causes infectious disease" first recorded 1728 (in reference to venereal disease). The computer sense is from 1972.



For someone not into 'quote swapping'

As you put it

See your previous message

You are not doing too badly

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Do you dance?

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Is this about digestive enzymes?

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Hepatitis C is a weird bird! A and B have been easily treated. Not so for C. Although the US military denies it (liability) Hepatitis C has always been with us primarily through Yellow Fever. During WWII, the US military immunized soldiers with Yellow Fever anti-virus, primarily for the Pacific Islands, where it was rampant. Since that time, the virus has self-modified to give us the present form of Hep C. Many people are confused as to what a virus actually is. Bacteria are 'live biologicals'. They are alive and so can be killed! Soap disintegrates the outer shell of bacteria and antibiotics code for bonding sites, so that the bacteria cannot access a cell. On the other hand, viruses cannot be killed...because technically they're not alive to begin with! They are mechanical proteins. If you look at a virus via electron micrographs (the only way they can be seen, since they are beyond microscopic) they appear as small landing craft, the bulbous head holding the deviant DNA and the rest of the device utilized for cell injection. Viruses have been found viable after five thousand years! The fact that they are not alive, suggests that they never 'evolved', rather were manufactured; perhaps by one of the two previous civilization which have occupied planet Earth in the far past...biological warfare! The only way to 'beat' a virus is to wait until the human body codes for it (if it doesn't kill you first)or to create an anti-coding medication


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