Well been getting worse so decided to do the travel thing and see Gastro. Talked my GP into doing a bunch more tests The easy one came back ANA verified swollen joints, I couldn't help but laugh cuz I've been voicing that for five years and they acted like ohh you do have problems. I'm having an ok day considering. Just wondering when I'm going to feel like is this hell again ? Thanks for letting me rattle, nobody a round here has a clue. I Feel like I'm on an island, most of the time. And tried to talk the GASTRO sectary into sending my GP tests that are needed so this first isn't just a meet and greet, but no they'll deal with then and that's 7 weeks. Well hope everybody feels at least OK .

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  • Hi Bobo

    Are there any Hep C support groups near you?

    There's a good few in Uk but none near me

    Many people feel very isolated.

    Are you taking any supplements ie milk thistle,tumeric etc?

    Or in the frame for treatment?

    I'm ok considering I've been HCV positive 35 years.

    I live alone, rurally without a car now, five miles from nearest small store,

    I've a great daughter who lives with her husband and their young son on a tiny island off the coast of Thailand,

    Only see them once a year

    Hope your tests come back ok

    And you start to feel better

    All good wishes for your recovery Bobo :-)

  • Hi JJ

    Thanks for responding. Yes I live 120 miles to the close's big hospital, just to far to go right now. They haven't said how long I've had HCV for sure but I know at least 8 years. I had what they called HBV in 1973 Hospitalized for a week, yellow, very sick ext. Well now they say I have no trace of HBV at all, no antibodies nothing. Did some research and they didn't really know about HCV till 1974 SOOO ????? I lived hard, worked hard and played hard. Well now feeling real bad off and on, pain all the time. The bad times are getting worse, Tried some RA meds can't tolerate them. Well anyway no groups, the town I live in about 800. I find it hard to find a good group on the net.

    Sorry took a while to answer your question. T Y

  • Is your pain from Hep C ie liver area or RA/

    Are there holistic supplements that might help?

    I'll google for you and come back.

    Do they intend treatment for you ie Harvoni?

    Something that may help

    I use Healtone now for Hep C

    I've felt a lot of difference and my VL has gone right down after being same for years,

    It's sound healing based on award winning work from a Dr Royal Rife.

    They have Healtone for RA too

    I could copy my Healtone for Hep C and send it to you

    It would mean entrusting me with your email address.

    Or you could send for it yourself £15 each Healtone and you put in on a loop.

    If I sent you copy that would already be done.

    All good wishes Bobo

  • Mornin JJ

    Well pain all over Included liver area. Also each can exacerbate the other I guess. And hope I'm wrong but feel another dip coming on. Gp Dr office called this morning and tests back??? -app. in month-- Gastro app 1 1/2 mon Scared of sup's. have to research. Well I'll Try to keep up w/ya.

    Thanks again good to hear from ya.

  • Hi Bobo,

    It's evening here in Uk

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling that great at the moment,

    There are safe,tried & tested supps like Milk thistle,tumeric

    Worth researching

    Are you from the South?

    Lived in San Francisco five years in eighties.

    No need to keep up

    Just write if/when you feel like it

    Good to hear from you too

    Hope you feel much better soon.


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