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My last time on this site, such an upsetting experience

This a c/p of my last message to he who shall be nameless:


40 minutes ago

Yes I've got a choice and you've made yours

No respect/understanding at all from you,

Feel very hurt ,upset by you and your nasty messages

Wish i'd never ever gone on this site.

More disturbed than when I first came on it

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Gear Jenny

How awful, you needed help and got more upset. Hepatitis has an awful way of doing this. If I can be of any help, I have audited the national hep helpline for 7 years, coping with some 10,000 calls. We find on the net it is too easy to get misunderstanding and confidential medically trained calls usually avoid this. Patients need an hour of conversation, factsheets and education and care to deal with a diagnosis we find on average. Feel free to mail or call 0800 206 1899 or gettestedforhepatitis@gmail.com



Hi Paul,

Appreciate you replying to me

Tried to call No. you gave me but said unavailable

Best Wishes Jenny (Sarah)


dear jenny

so sorry, try 08000 46 1911 or 07958558510, we are building our new hepatitis b positive office and things are a bit unconnected at the mo.


How did you add a pic on profile?


No pic Becca,

Must be someone else

No idea how to do it

Sorry I can't help


I wish you would reconsider you leaving . I need you


Thank you Becca

I'll take some time off

Maybe come back on site later

Hope you find all you need to be happy and well...xx


hepbpositive.org.uk/ and thetruthabouthepc.co.uk Our latest edition GP/Patient manual is at amazon.co.uk/Hepatitis-What... sorry to nag Jenny, but many callers over the years like myself have one bad experience that makes them isolated and never mentioned their hep again and give up looking for more help like I did. So do ask any questions. My charities are completely separate from this forum, but even on my forums I spent a lot of time deleting trolls.


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