hcv hbv and work

At the HBV trust we have got many HBV and HCV positive staff work in the NHS and other fields we work with 15 industries where hbv is common and make sure the hepatitis is no barrier to work roles and is not discriminated against. we also run a convicts to carers program retraining prisoners with hep to care for others, both inside and when released.

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  • Welcome to the community! I am sure the whole community will greatly appreciate your experience :)

  • Hello Simone, what is your interest in all this?

  • I work helping new peer support communities on HealthUnlocked, what about you?

  • excellent, lovely job, who iis behind the site? where are you based? we are in London and run the uk helpline for hbv, we also do a lot of support type work for the 4000 annual hbv moms and have deep experience at patient forums

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