Non- A,Non- B

Non- A,Non- B

Hi People, This is my story. I am not sure how I contracted Hep C. When I was a teen, I was going to a Halloween party. My sister was helping me with my clown makeup.Next thing I know she was screaming for my mother to look at my eyes. They were bright yellow, also known as Jaundice. I was taken to Walter Reed Army Hospital where I was diagnosed as Non-A, Non-B Hepatitis. I never had a transfusion, No I-V drug use,No tattoo's. They have no Idea where I contracted the disease or what it was. It went dormant after a while.

I had actually forgot that I ever had it until I was 38 and had a severe Kidney infection.They took my blood and found the Hepatitis was back with a vengeance! I had no healthcare. I turned to clinical trials. I was place on a nasty drug called Interferon. After almost completing the trials and many years later,I am happy to say my Viral load is normal.

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  • If you have any viral load you still have virus

    There isn't a normal viral load

    No VL,No virus.

    Best to get rechecked

    All good wishes.

  • Ps If you almost completed trial but did not in fact complete it's very possible still have hep c

    Can be picked up through IV drug use,tattoos as you know already

    Also dental treatment, unprotected sex,sharing toothbrush razor of infected person

    Hope you're clear and ok

    Good Luck with everything.

  • Finally after 2 months on Panovir (sofosbuvir/ velpatasvir) got the blood result to say the viral load is 0 - went from 200,000 down to 60 in one month with drugs bought from the buyers club - thanks to Max from the Hep Trust - no thanks to the National Health - Jenny please pass the word (cost me £1600)


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