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Fake Generic Harvoni

Fake Harvoni seized in Israel came from India says Swissmedic

By Gareth MacDonald+, 08-Mar-2016

Swissmedic has warned hepatitis C sufferers not to buy Harvoni from unknown sources after fake versions of the Gilead drug imported by a Swiss trading company were found in Israel.


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This is such sad news. We have been helping people from around the world have access to generic Sovaldi for the past 2 years. All of our patients that go through our program are 100% hepatitis C free. We work directly with Gilead's authorized Indian pharmaceutical companies that manufacture generic Sovaldi, Harvoni and Epclusa. The generic we procure are 100% identical that is manufactured by Gilead. The active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) is given to the Indian pharmaceutical companies from Gilead. If anyone has questions regarding generic hepatitis C treatments that are real and not fake please email us at info@soulofhealing.org. We're an American non profit that helps fight the hepatitis C battle around the world. We cannot afford to compromise Americans and anyone else that receives our generics. You can also contact us at hcvmeds@gmail.com or call 1-858-952-1077.

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I've read that generic Harvoni made in India has much fewer side effects than Harvoni made in China

I am very concerned about using Harvoni due to numerous record of serious during/post side effects ie heart/lung/nerve/sight etc issues.

I am reluctant to play Russian roulette with my health

Your advice would be very welcome

I'm 61 had Hep C 35 years,no liver damage.

Have been self treating many years now


There are no authorized versions of Harvoni manufactured in China. Or atleast not that I know of. All the folks that we haleped with the procurement of generic Harvoni had zero issues.

At the end of the if you can get Harvoni in the US, we highly recommend it. Always go through the proper channels. Gilead has set up patient assistance programs for people that have been denied by insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. You will get through this.


I am in UK and you can read widely on line on forums etc about severe post Harvoni side effects and many people worldwide wishing they had never touched it

Of course there are also many that have no sides and feel fortunate to have taken it.

It is a risk you take as cannot know beforehand

ie Russian roulette

I am not prepared to take that risk

At the moment

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