Cirrhosis facts

Cirrhosis facts

•Cirrhosis is a complication of liver disease which involves loss of livercells and irreversible scarring of the liver.

•Alcohol and viral hepatitis B and C are common causes of cirrhosis, although there are many other causes.

•Cirrhosis can cause weakness,loss of appetite, easy bruising, yellowing of the skin (jaundice),itching, and fatigue.

•Diagnosis of cirrhosis can be suggested by history, physical examination and blood tests, and can be confirmed by liver biopsy.

•Complications of cirrhosis include edema and ascites, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, bleeding from varices, hepatic encephalopathy, hepatorenal syndrome, hepatopulmonary syndrome, hypersplenism, and liver cancer.

•Treatment of cirrhosis is designed to prevent further damage to the liver, treat complications of cirrhosis, and preventing or detecting livercancer early.

•Transplantation of the liver is becoming an important option for treating patients with advanced cirrhosis.

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  • I was diagnosed with stage 4 cirrhosis and necrosis and liver dysphasia in 2004, yet now my liver scans normal and mild with good lfts for years too. it is so important to take ownership of a liver healthy life and also hope. When diagnosed I needed gall bladder out and skin cancer off and was untreatable for HCV as an epileptic. HOPE that's what the HBV Trust and me and the national HBV helpline have to be for callers.