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Hep c and fed up

Hi everyone, I'm new here I have hep c genotype 1B. I got it through a needle from a tattoo, I've had it for about three years now, and they won't give me anything for it because I also suffer with border line personality disorder and depression, and was told by the liver department that the medication they would give me van make my depression worst. So I'm not in a good place at the moment. I'm from London UK

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It will make it harder. But surround yourself with anyone who loves you and you will be safe. Are they referring to the drug interferon or Ribavarin? Maybe try another doctor. I am in the U.S. I did the treatment. I was an adult alcoholic when I did it but I quit drinking the night before my first injection and never drank again. That was 12 years ago. Are you older? Its rare for a young person to have 1b but if the tatoo needle was contaminated with 1b that explains it. If it was only 3 years ago, your liver is still strong but get treated. You will find a way. It may take time. So do not feel in a panic about it. I am sure with your depression, its easy to panic. I have always suffered from it, thats why and how I got where I am with alcoholism and Hep c but thats the past. Now I live quite well with liver cancer. I am a cyclist and age 65. You are going to be ok. Know that.


Thank you, I'm 53 and dealing with it on my own, the medication they are on about is the interferon, I still really Dont understand about hep c to be honest, I go to the top hospital in London for The liver, wow I Think your really brave, to have had this for so long, and you sound like your dealing with everything really well. Congratulations on giving up the drink. And thank you for replying to me, I really appreciate it.

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Don't understand that...other consultants see things differently to yours

Could you ask for second opinion

or tell them you want one as

others with depression are receiving treatment

Are you receiving any therapy,help with your depression/mindstate?

I live in Cornwall, have had hep c 33 years,tests results good..

take milk thistle,tumeric,blueberry leaf and alpha lipoic acid..at this early stage might be good to take supplements that could keep your liver healthy until your mind state gets better.

Try to think positively ,hope/plan for your good, happy and healthy future.

You can do it


The hospital said because I. On a high dosage of anti psychotics and anti deppressents, that it will make me worst, I said surely that's down to me to make that choice, I will try so.e off that jennyjolly thank you, I'm waiting to see my gp and see what he says, as for help with my mental health, Tge psychiatrist says about going to a group, which I can't do

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I've also been on anti psychotics after coming off 10 years of Valium etc over thirty years ago, had bad P.T.S.D.

It's not eay to do group therapy except they're all screwed up in some way so will understand how you feel

You're able to stand up for yourself and be self determined..that's great considering what you're going through.

Wish I could say something that would be helpful to you right now

All I can do is be here for you on this site and have some empathy with what you're experiencing.

Thinking of you Deemon and sending you all good wishes.


Ps not been on any meds etc for over 30 years


Thank you jennyjolly, that is so nice of you and I really appreciate that. Its really nice to know that someone is there, my family doesn't understand my depression or the hepatitis, so feel I'm on my own, and sometimes it does get to me x

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Sorry to here this

Im not a Dr but I do understand living with depression and hep c.

Iv done lots of resurch and like me it's possible the hep c virus may cause depression.

Go to Google and ask symptoms of hep c you will be surprised but don't get to hung up on it like i did I caused myself stress from worrie.

Depending on Your state of mind the Drs may feel you cant cope with the sideeffects.

You will have to face it enough you can have hep c for 10 20 years befor any treatment.

But the longer you leave it the worse your liver could get like me Iv now cerrousus of the liver after many years of undetected hep c

You need to ask for help get it sorted while it's new there's meds out there now that only take 2 pills aday.

Do your own Resurch it helps to understand what is happening to your body

Ask anither Dr but don't panic

You will eventually get meds .

Good luck to you and be strong keep smiling x


If just realised yiur post was a year ago I do hope your ok x


Hi again Deemon,

Could your family read up a bit on it all or talk to your care workers for more info?

Maybe it's hard to understand something you're not experiencing yourself

but it's important particularly if close family ie wife/parents etc. as their response/non response will affect you and you need as much support/understanding as you can get.

Good there are sites like this as at least you get messaging support here.

All good wishes Jenny

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Were not very close as a family, but I do have a good friend who I talk to, I Dont mix with people very much, but I'm glad for having my friend, and being able to chat to you on this site. Thank you again jennyjolly,

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Good friends you can share with

who know/accept you are so valuable

I've also a friend like that

known him sixteen years since I first moved here

Been a great platonic friend to me,

He's diabetic, on insulin with other related health issues so understands,

no mind issues though ever, polar opposite to me,

You say in earlier message you don't know much about hep c

Have you googled it at all? can find lot of info,

But you most likely don't feel up to that right now,

You can always ask anything you want to know on this site and you'll get lots of answers.

Good night Deemon, hope you have a good day tomorrow

At least it's warm and sunny.



I suffer from depression and had Hep C. The hospital upped my depression medication to 200mg sertraline daily throughout the hep c treatment. I got through the whole course and did not have a depressive episode. I was prepared to risk it rather than get the disease which I reckoned would make me a lot more depressed than the treatment.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you seasidewild I said to the hospital I am willing to take that chance, and they still said no, I told them there making me more depressed by not giving me anything, and said when my liver turns to stone will they help me then, thank you, feel so low all the time,


Hello again

Sorry to hear that the hospital are saying no. Al I can suggest is that you keep on trying. If that doesn't work you could contact your local NHS Complaints service who should be able to advocate on your behalf and fight your corner.

Sending you best wishes


Thank you seasidewild I may have to do that


Hi Deemon, I run a UK hepatitis helpline and naturally we get many calls from the tattoo infections, we have put together a London mp with a tat infection and campaign to get this the Piercing and tattoo toolkit out there. I had hcv for 25 years and am on the old cirrhosis list now, but we have to understand how to manage the issue and make these ailments harmless. Remember most people with hcv grow old and die of something else. Call 0800 206 1899 for a chat I also know a lot about BP and we are based in London Paul Desmond

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Thank you Paul I will take the number down and definitely call that number, its nice to know that I don't have to deal with this alone, I have been struggling lately


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