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Hep C Query New Zealander visiting Australia

Hi I am a 57 year old woman who contracted Hep C in Australia in the early 80s I have Geno type 3 and would like to know if anyone from New Zealand has visited Australia seen a doctor and been presrcibed SORBVISVIR and DACLAVIR . Is this possible and can anyone name a good doctor in Melbourne who is sympathetic to Hep C.

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Sorry no noone's replied to you

I live Uk with Geno 1a so unable to advise

Do hope you find the help/advice you need

Out there somewhere

Best wishes for your recovery.


I can only suggest you clntact Australian health authorityh. Yoh could check under medicare P.B.S which is government subsidised prescriptions to see if your med ications are prescribed .

Good luck


I'm the person to talk to! I pucked up hep c 3a from USA. Had it for 20 years. Recently treated with EPCLUSA.

Fixhepc.com website. The amazing Dr James freeman from Hobart can out you in contact with the medicine. Your hospital specialist can supervise your tx. Where in NZ are you?

I did this all myself cost about $1500 dollars.

Let me know if you have any questions.

The cure is out there. Not at all like the old regime. Felt fab on the medicine.

My bloods are NORMAL! Usually they were 5x normal ranges.

I'm Stephanie.


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