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Hi everyone

I got a phone call yesterday from my new hep c nurse as the other one retired only saw her twice lol.. She confirmed that I have geno type 3a .she offered me the nasty interferon treatment I told I couldn't because I know it would definitely affect me mentally. She said that I woudnt be offered treatment till next year! Although she would put my case forward on the next meeting on Monday. God I just want rid of this disease..I want my mental Heath back and my health and move on with life sorry for the rant and I know a lot of you have had it for years and I truly admire your strength.

Thanks for reading.

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Ask what treatment they will offer you next year. If its a good one then wait. I had hep c 42 years. I did interferon 2004 for a year geno type 1b, the hardest. It might kill 3a but interferon is a drug that will cost you some if not a lot of your physical health, some of its effects cannot be reversed. I did olysio and solvaldi 2014 and killed the virus. I am 64. Please do not drive yourself nuts. Its one step at a time. There may be a treatment you want to be on in a year. Just ask. Good luck.


I spoke to the hep c trust today, and was talking to one lovely lady she also has or had 3a and she did the interferon treatment and cleared it..she named Afew treatments for 3a all with good success rates. The reality is do the infer freon or wait..id rather wait And not risk it. We spoke at length a what was happing with treatments. I know I can clear this dam thing I just have to learn to be patient..when I do clear it iam going to run stark nacked down my street and scream in joy lol


I did interferon in 2003-,my thyroid needs medication now every day. Wait for something. There are ki numerous meds now. I finished Mevyret and am hep c free- type 1 a.


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