How much does treatment with harvoni cost?

Hi everyone, I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who is wanting to start treatment with harvoni.

Has anyone used harvoni before? Did it work? What was your experience and how much did the whole treatment cost?

My friend currently doesn't have health insurance or he's not sure if his health insurance covers the hep c treatment

Any help?

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  • Where is your friend? I don't think you can treat hep c with just Harvoni you must take a combination of drugs depending on your type. Read gregg jefferys blog if you can it gives you lots and lots of information.

  • Sorry my bad I was referring to Ribavirin not Harvoni.

  • It cost 100.000 here in Michigan and I will start my treatment soon which I found out I have cirrhosis they said I only take horvoni once a day and they will check my blood at times. This is it. No second pill or pills.

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