after the transplant

Hi All

I hope you had a happy Christmas and are looking Forward to a peaceful New Year.

Now the transplant amazing; almost 3 weeks into recovery I am now home and improving daily.

There one or two things the medics don't tell one about the procedure and its after effects;

1/ General Aesthetics can have quite adverse side effects go to events described in section 7 of Risks associated with your Anaesthetic. If you do get any of the symptoms described try to hold on to the fact that you have been given a very strong drug for approximately 8-10 hours and it will pass

2/Chest and bowel problems.

3/ Nerve damage; I have a mysterious pain in my left foot at times it hurts more than my liver wound see, Risks Associated With Your Anaesthetic. section11.

In fact this whole document is worth a good read both for patients and family/carers.

Chest pain and disturbed bowels it is necessary for the surgeon to move the bowel and the lungs to one side during surgery, as we know the liver is a large organ which fills most of the centre right body cavity see

Thanks to all those who sent me messages of congratulations on receiving my transplant. Just 3 weeks in and I am already feeling a huge improvement. This promises to be a life changing experience.

Good luck and best wishes to all I hope you all get what you need

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  • So happy you are feeling better . Take it easy and may the new year bring you all that you want.