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Hep c :-/

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Just wondering I have hep c, have a scan on the 25/4/19 as my liver in larged...my bf was injecting me for 4 years... just come out of rehab.. and been for all health checks..

2 years ago he went for tests, and it came back he had fought it off, so was I the carrier? Really stressing. Appreciate any chat back or help so I can explain more details

Cheers guys

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Hi and welcome when were you and bf first diagnosed?

Im going for a scan is that confirmation then I have Hep c, ???

not necessarily maybe a result of liver function blood tests has anyone mentioned hep c?

Yes been confirmed I am positive I'm shitting myself, off work sick - after rehab. I think I'll have to have another month off, I just don't get this hep c , like I'm always tired but that's because I worked loads, will I get treated asap after my scan?? And Will I feel poorly with treatment?? If I don't treat it I'll aventally die?? Keep searching on net, and so much information.. & some scary...

thanks for any response:)😘😘😘

The main thing is you know now so that’s good as you can get sorted and hopefully get one of the new treatments ,there are different treatments depending on what type of hep c you have got..where you are..as different places use different meds,I had it for 25 years but got rid of it in 12 weeks and never had side effects don’t google stuff it will drive you mental and give you anxiety it’s quiet on this forum now but if you need to know anything just ask..someone will answer you best wishes and let us know how you progress 🌤

Hi, I have Hep c found out from certain blood test and even got the type.I have Genotype 1 and it's the easiest for treatment their is also genotype 1, 2 and 3 that are also treatable. I just had a fibroscan it's like a liver biopsy but done with ultrasound and more blood work to check my liver enzymes and now all that was sent to my insurance for approval for a medicine calle Myvect and its 3 pills a day for 8 weeks thn 2 months after you take meds they do blood work to make sure your hep c free. it has a 98% of curing it. I'm very tired and fatigued all the time. I have anxiety issues and its hard to sleep. once I'm on the meds I'll update how they make me feel and if I get clear of virus. important thing is you have to fight to stay clean from drugs. I've been there I have 10 years clean and it will always be a struggle that gets easier but you will still think about it. just get the will power and know you are better than that drug and worth more!!!

Hi did you mean you took mavyret?thats the treatment i took.i too had genotype 1A .my treatment was a success.i too used to abuse drugs but will fight to never go back to that lifestyle.when i compare the two over what's important..i choose my health.i'am grateful that i got treated & encourage others to not give up..God does open doors!

I'm waiting on insurance approval, they denied first time but my dr said theres no reason why I shouldnt get it because I have advanced liver scarring!

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dont take advice off internet anyone will tell you that i mean never take no info as alot of idiots don't know what there talking about alot of mis info. trust me been there i wouldn't give you false bs. stay off internet. if your starting med again and they give you epclusa you will beat the hep i guarantee it. its been out a short time and is the best for killing all geno types usually a 12 week treatment. side effect are nothing like you took before i was in same boat as you on my first treatment the shit almost killed me injected myself everyday, lost 48 lbs in 30 days at one time no sleep for 4 days had to go in hospital they induced me to sleep under doctor super vision for 12 hour sleep otherwise i was in trouble thew that garbage away back in 91 then my doc said your fine dont need meds now wait 25 years they will have a cure well he was right been neg for 3 months now 12 week treatment what a blessing. i will be honest this whole hep thing has ruined my life all the bs, hair loss, no sleep, leg pain so severe it just goes on but u have to do it. start drinking if you can 1/2 gallon water every day i hate water but i but those flovored packs like cherry, stawberry mix in water to make it easy to drink trust me thats important has 80% of side effects went away in last 2 weeks shocked me. . even 3 months after my last pill being neg, to be honest i know it.s rough but stay working you have to get this hep out of mind or you will be depressed i been there. take the treatment you will be fine get your neg. report and put this all behind u. out of sight out of mind. i know it's easy to say but i'm tired of this shit i'm neg i'm living now, i ride my stationery bike now which helps my leg pain and moving on. dont want to hear the word hep. but back tell your doc you cant sleeo off the meds ask him for trazodone. tell hi you want to try, take a 25mg 1/2 hour before bed eat a cracker or somtning helps he med work. let me know how it worsk out for u


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