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I have been all cleared from hep c now for a few weeks ... i am a very private person and sort of cut my wife off from this.. she knew about treatment etc but i dont really do emotional chats... i try to protect the people close to me.

Why hurt them if they dont have to be hurt is my moto. Anyway it seems my motto is a bit shit because all i have done is push the people away i love the most.

Even when its gone they is traces of this shit virus.. i think the mental effect was worse than the physical.. it was for me but i also do realise people had worse phsysical effects than me ..

I just want all this to end

On a lighter note i lost all hair years ago thought i had alopecia eyebrows lashes the lot and guess what they are all coming back... i just got used to having none n now i have to shave everyday its like been a teenager again..

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Sorry i just read all that back and it sounded a bit blunt.. ket me try and re phase it a bit

I found out i had hep c and told only one person my wife.. she has really tried to understand but i wouldn't let her in here we are after treatment etc and i still havent really opened up... i just carry on and thats my way...

She is a diamond and has stuck through my tantrums etc... the hep was from before our relationship.. im not too sure how i caught it they was deug abuse when younger and also prison and fights and tattoos (a bit of a messy life) now i am settled but dont do showing amotion about myself too good

Does anyone have any suggestions as its been unfair on my wife from day one of this

Take her out and spoil her

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