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Day 1 of Epclusa

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Hi everyone, took my first Epclusa tablet today, I had been very nervous about the meds but it was ok, the 2 litres of water I have to drink daily is a challenge but I think I can get used to that, however it does mean many trips to the loo.

I am type 3a no cirrhosis, Alt 61 but don't know my viral load till I get results on Monday,

I have been reading all the posts with interest and there are many useful comments to take on board.

Will report back after a few days, good luck everyone.

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Welcome to the soon to be x hep c club epclusa is one of the best new treatments and I personally had no ill effects and they say squashed the viral fockers in 2 weeks 😊good luck do let us know how you are progressing πŸ‘

Hi there, thanks for your reply, I hope I do as well as you have, day 2 and all is well yay

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