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Hep C Positive
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Harvoni, Results are in


Can only speak for myself as we are all individuals,

Hep c genotype 1a Chronic.

Viral load, 2.040,000, 2 million 40 thousand.

Bloods done day 14 after starting Harvoni,

Viral load 110...

One hundred and ten.

I could just about strangle those on my own.

Picked up my second lot of meds as well, had bloods done,unless I get a call,my next visit,other than doing more bloods will have today's results at hand.

Anyone following this and worried about the process,it's very straight forward,no one knows your not at the hospital for a brain transplant... So that's reassuring,can't take the worry away,but having come this far it would be unfair not to try and pass on my experiences so as to away some of the worry.

It's very discreet and straight forward once the ball is rolling,if your reading this then the ball is rolling one way or the other,

I realise my situation doesn't apply to everyone,I have heard hep referred to as the alphabet blood born virus as there are so many variants.

Hope being such a new drug,more and more people benefit from it as we share our experience and bring this virus out of the dark.

Educate,inform and help the huge number of folks that don't even know they have it.

Celebrate the fact that it CAN BE TREATED,

The impact of finding out I had it,while being told other things and under medical investigation for,seemingly unrelated issues was huge, finding out I can get thru this makes my other issues seem miniscule.

Happy days ahead people,all I can add is just common sense,but if it was common everyone would have some,just drink plenty of water and keep flushing,it's worth it.


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Hi, sounds very positive, did you experience any side effects from the medicine? I have my pre treatment screening next week but then I expect to have to wait awhile before treatment starts.

Phillipaussie in reply to mrplod

No side affects other than the ones they tell you about for me headache was all I got.This treatment is incredible.Cant speak highly enough about it,goodluck with your journey.

Hi just coming to end of 3 rd week did bloods last Monday so week Monday get my first lot of results I've had a few headaches but nothing terrible but I've had a really bad lot of hives so I've been prescribed some high dose anti histamines which seem to be kicking in I wanted to scratch my skin off last week

I'm feeling ok maybe a little tired in the evenings but I have a long commute so that doesn't help ..all in all it's been positive and I'm hoping for great things in 10 or so days time ..hope everyone is ok xxx

Fantastic! So happy for you Phil! 🙌 it will soon be over and you have done Amazing! ❤️💋💋💋

Thanks, hope your well,

Phil xx

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