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Another good day!!!


Hi everyone, hope your all continuing to do OK!! I managed to get myself out for few he's yesterday in the sun, saw couple of friends and all saying I look so much better since being on treatment, which gave me even more hope, got up this am feeling good again & got out again for a while so another much better day for me. Had the hc virus for more than 20 yrs & 3 wks after start treatment virus undetected, just hope it continues, 9 wks treatment left but will plod on & finish it, try & enjoy your evening folks, speak soon, Julie.

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Hi Julie good your feeling better and getting out and about,things can only get better for you,some good weather on the way so they say😊🌞

Hi Alan, lovely to hear from you again, hope your still doing well,yes, some fab weather on the way (so they say)the best day for us is meant to be Friday when I'm at the hospital to see doc & bloods done, but that's OK, we have quite a way to travel (don't have transport) so use buses & trains but at least don't have to worry about rain & cold!! Decided I'm going to GI into back garden today & do a bit, honestly for few years havnt done much at all, bn too tired/lethargic/depressed. I still get tired easily but at least wake up each day at the moment feeling like I want to do something!! I'm def going to stay with this group after my treatment finished in the hope I can help/encourage someone to continue with & get through their treatment, you take care & have a good day!! Julie.

Hiya Julie hope your able to get out into your garden in this lovely weather 🌞😊🙋🏻‍♂️

Amazing good for you! Getting out it makes all the difference and will take your mind off everything and it makes you feel good👏 keep up the good work your doing fantastic and you should be very proud of yourself. My advice is make some plans for the future for when you finish your treatment. Gives you something to focus on and also something to look forward too😊 if there is something you’ve always wanted to do or learn etc do it! And each week of treatment done don’t forget to jump up and down on those empty boxes crush them suckers 🤣Always did amuse me that 🤣🤣 Enjoy the sun it looks like it’s gonna be another beautiful day😎❤️💋💋

Hiya Cathy hope your enjoying the sunshine and having a lovely weekend with your family 😊🙋🏻‍♂️🦋🐞🐝🌞😁xxx

Hi Alan we are on our way to the airport 😊✈️👙😎🌞 hope your enjoying the sunshine yourself have a lovely weekend❤️💋💋💋

Enjoy your well earned break,😊🌞xx

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