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Hepatitis c genotype 1 treatment.

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Hi, everyone, after 2 yes on wait list finally started 12 week treatment 3 wks ago, first 2 wks felt fine but for the last WK feeling absolutley dreadful, totally sleep deprived, no energy whatsoever, every bone in my body hurts, anxious not knowing if I will be cured by end of treatment, I was warned I may have a tough time whilst on these drugs & I will not give up!! But was just wondering if anyone else is going through treatment right now and feeling the same as me, would be good to chat with someone else going through the same!! I've got clinic again next week to see doc to see if treatment is working & for more bloods, thank you.

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Hi! 👋🏼 I also have genotype 1 and I’m taking epclusa. I started two weeks ago; I’ve noticed an increase of fatigue and trouble focusing at times along with insomnia.

What are you taking for treatment?

Hi, I'm on viekirax, exviera & ribavirin

how much it costed for the medicine

Hi Janell,

Hope your doing well,you certainly have a lot on your plate,you seem to radiate positivity when you post,well done and thanks,posts like yours give us all hope,you say it like it is and that's appreciated too,wish I could ease what you are going thru or take it all away,I can't,so I want you to know how valued your contributions are,I hope your birthday was a good one,sun still shinning and your painting, do we get a peak at your work?

I'm still battling to make sense of everything but Try and occupy my mind with art,drawing and painting.made it thru the last 8 days on Hervoni,no issues at all,was already confused and forgetful so can't blame that on the treatment.

I have a professor on my team and he busy working on the contraindications of Harvoni with my diagnosis of Porphyria,first person in 22 years to present with it but has assured me it's safe to continue.pretty amazing what can be done medicly, anyways,just dropped by, to say hi,thanks and wish you well soon.

Phil. Xx

Hi, I am on 12 week treatment at the moment i have genotype 1a so I'm taking exviera viekirax and Ribavirin. I have three weeks left to go. What treatment are you on? I wasn't feeling great the first four weeks, I think that's when the meds build up in your body, but your body does adjust a little further down the line. I'm very tired now, but my haemoglobin has dropped to 97 because of the Ribavirin and that also causes being so tired. Otherwise I only have terribly dry skin and itching, not sleeping too great, although last few days I can hardly wake up 😅 I was also really dizzy the first few weeks, getting occasional headaches, but all in all its doable. Keep your eye on the prize 🙏👍😎 You will be surprised when you have your blood tests how well.these meds work. My viral went from over a million to 57 after 1.5 weeks. At 3.5 weeks it was below ten and at 7.5 it has been undetected 😀 I started my meds half a week after I was given them, was waiting for a weekend to start, that's why bloods are all a bit early 😉 have found this group and enormous support through all of this. I wish you all the luck in the world. You can do this, just think by the summer you will be done 🙏👍🍀🍀🍀🏖️💖

Hi,thank you so much for your kind wiords of encouragement, I only joined this forum late last night & did not expect a response so soon (thank you)I am on exviera, viekirax & ribavirin.I've no idea yet how I am doing, I'm at addenbrooks hospital next Friday for results of my last blood tests & to see doc, I'm anxious until I know things are going in the right direction!!its tough going at times but I'm so grateful that I was offered this treatment as not everybody is so lucky! I've no idea how my haemoglobin or how my vocals are doing until next Friday, but I expect if there were any problems my nurse would have contacted me by now, so I'm hoping that in this case, no news is good news!! I'm so glad I decided to join this group/forum as everybody seems so friendly & I'm sure will help me to get through my treatment & I'd like to think I can help somebody else get through theirs! I will let you know next week (Friday) what my results are doing. I really hope you continue to respond to your treatment and get the result you so want! I've got to go now to take to take my morning meds after eating something & will speak with you again very soon, thank you x

That sounds all very good!! You are on the same meds as me, the Ribavirin can be a bit of an annoying one with side effects, but they will monitor you closely and if there is any problems with your haemoglobin they will usually call you as they may have to reduce the Ribavirin if it gets too low, but that might not happen to you at all, I was slightly aneamic to start with. I had it reduced twice now lol. I was worried that with reduction might come less effectiveness, but was told the Ribavirin is more like a backup as genotype 1a is a stubborn one to treat, so they think I'm still on a sufficient dose. Fingers crossed 🙏 honestly if I can do this, so can you!! You will look back in a few months and this will only be a distant memory. Yes we have to be grateful we have been offered this treatment and also that we are getting away with 12 weeks.👍😀 It started out so bad for me, and now the weeks just fly by 😉 Good luck with your bloods!! Please let us know how you are getting on. Just think all those little buggers dying as we speak 😉💪😎🙏🍀🍀🍀💖

Will do, thanks x

Yeah, we WILL nail the buggers!!!!


Do you know if if we get undetected results/cured if we can start to give blood to help others if we want to?

I'm not too sure, apparently we will still show up hep c in normal blood results, but that's because we will have the antibodies in our body. But the virus will still be gone out of our body so we won't have it anymore, and the viral load will show undetected. I think those antibodies will show up probably forever, therefore I'm really not sure if they would do a viral load blood tests on us as well, if we wanted to donate blood. Hope this makes sense. ☺️ Maybe worth asking at the hospital or at the blood donor organisations 😊

Thanks, will do

Hi, oh my goodness, only 3 moths into treatment & my nurse just rang me to say that already after 1st blood tests from starting treatment my viral load has come back undetected!!!! Can't believe how powerful these drugs are!!! I've still 9 weeks treatment to do so fingers crossed things will stay the same!! My haemoglobin has dropped so instead of 3 ribavirin a day I've only to take 2 of those to try & prevent it dropping any further!! I'll continue to let you know what's going on, thank you for being there & for caring.

Woohoo!!🍾🌈🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations to you 😀👍 now it's onwards and upwards!! All the best to you, you can do this 😎🙏🌈🍀🍀🍀

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Oh and you have nine weeks left to kill any stragglers left. If you have become undetected already, treatment is working great 😀👍

Sorry, I said after 3 MTV of treatment!! I meant to say after only 3 weeks of treatment!!

I did think that's what you meant 😉

Hello and welcome,im6 months clear now and it was a very strange experience driving past a mobile blood donor bank last week thinking 🤔 my blood is worthy 😊

😁👍 hehe. It must be strange, after having this for so long and adjusting to it, making sure we don't bleed on anyone etc. to now be free🙏😀 I think it will take a while to sink in. Hope you are generally doing good Alan 😎👍

I’m ok thanks lucien I’ve enjoyed watching your posts from when you joined as a 35 year old male avid festival goer starting treatment 😊you’ve done amazing on that cocktail 🍸 and good to see you clear the little b******ds with your eye firmly on the prize a true hep c warrior xx

We are all warriors! It's amazing what strength lies in all of us 💪. And I'm laughing so hard right now 😅😂😂😂the male that turned female and lost his heels in the mud 🤣🤣🤣 yes it's been quite a ride so far. I'm so hopeful that this is it and it's never coming back now, fingers crossed 🙏🌈 I'd much rather have a different kind of cocktail, but since we are not allowed to drink meh 😉😂😂😂 good to see you are doing and keeping well. This forum is such a godsend, I never reached out to a hep c forum until I started treatment, this was too scary to handle on my own, so thank you for always making me smile, even if I have the shittiest day!! 😀🤗🌈🌈🌈xx

Unlike tootsie,I twigged early on you were female,living in Amsterdam teaches you to never assume things,🤭😊🙋🏻‍♂️Enjoy your dayxx

I can't believe I came across as a bloke in the first place, someone wished me well the other day and said you will be a free man soon 😅😅😅 must be my user name, or maybe I talk like a bloke 😂😂😂 heard that one before lol! You have a lovely day urself 😎👍🌈xx

I just spoke with my nurse in the phone about giving blood once virals undetected & she said no!! She said although completely cured it will come up as having had hep in the past & blood banks won't take chances, which I suppose is understandable, hope your treatment is going well!!

I thought that may be the case,but can’t blame them not to take chances,I have finished treatment and it went well clear after 4 weeks but I still look in on the forum,great to see your half way through and you had a call to say undetected 🥂well done🙋🏻‍♂️

Ah I thought that might be the case. Thank you, I'm good today, just cleaned my whole flat, but couldn't do anything at all the last two day as was so tired. Sudden burst of energy 😉😅🌈💪

I could do with a sudden burst if energy like you had!! I'm normally very house proud with my cleaning etc but for a long time now, just no energy to do it, hopefully after treatment finishes I'll have more energy to do the things I love doing!! Havnt been out much for a long time having hep c & feeling so lethargic & body hurting but hopefully that will all change & I'll get my mo-jo back, hope all is going OK for you!! I only joined this group late last night & I'm well impressed, what a truly lovely of people you all are!! When I joined last night I was feeling miserable, a bit depressed,& everything else that goes with hep c & treatment, but I woke up this morning after only 2 hrs sleep last night to several really lovely & encouraging messages from this group (i like to call it family) even when my treatment finishes in 9 weeks time I will probably still stay with the group to try & encourage as many as possible to continue their treatment to the end whatever it throws at them. We are strong & we will fight these gremlins together, lovely talking to you.

Oh I have been on here feeling sad, feeling happy, moany ( often 🤣) and all sorts, there is always someone to who listens, great bunch of people! Its great talking to you too, we are not alone in this. I find this forum helps to also relieve my other half from my sufferings 🤣 He is very supportive, but I wonder sometimes how he manages to deal with all of this by himself. We don't have any other family around or living close by. So it's just me and him at the moment trying to get through this together, even though he doesn't have hep c ☺️Can't wait to see how we will feel without the meds, and the hep c, I had it for 22 years and I can't remember 😅 I get sudden burst of energy, usually when I can't cope with the mess anymore. I'm quite house proud too and it's doing my head in, that I couldn't do all I wanted the last couple of months. I found the first 6 to 7 weeks hard, but once you reach halfway you can't just not hang in there for the remainder. It will all be good for us soon, I strongly believe that 🙏🍀👍🌈🌈🌈😎

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Oh and my body was hurting all the time, all the joints, and I have a physical job. It's much much better now, but I'm not sure if it's because I have been off work 😎 Luckily I got myself signed off until I take my last tablets, I have three days meds free and then back to work. A bit scared to go back😂


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