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Hep B Vaccine

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I'm on an 8 week course of Maviret & have been advised that I need a Hep B vaccination. Has anyone else had this while taking Maviret

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Hi, I took maviret and no there was no mention of a hepatitis b vaccination, but I have never had that. If one has ever had hep b it's very common to have the vaccination as some of these meds can trigger it off again. 😍

Hi, I've not heard of that before and what navigatinglife says I was told. Maybe they want to give you vaccination incase you catch it in future. Do you think you need to be protected against hep b? If you are at risk then Yeh. Gooduck on your treatment xxx

I was on Harvoni. Didn't have a Hep B vaccination but was told by my consultant that he felt strongly that everyone should be vaccinated against B.

Yes, I want all the hep vaccinations ☺ think that's a & b?

Hi, I'm on mavaret and no mention of the hepb vaccine, but have heard it is wise to get it. I'm going to ask for it anyway 🙏🙋🌈x

My husband was also asked to get vaccinated against hep b its good to get this for protection

I was told when diagnosed that I needed a flu shot and also hep A and B vaccine ..I had the flu but there was a shortage of A and B vaccines that was last September still not had them ..

Hiya kaz🙋🏻‍♂️Hope your feeling better now after your surgery x

Was very unpleasant Alan but recovered now waiting for results ...always waiting lol ..hope you're ok xcc

I’m good thanks,good you’ve got that sorted and are on the mend now,have they give you any idea when you will get treatment now?and what genome you are? Xx

I saw a consultant on the 17 th he said that he will refer me to the team which will take 4 or 5 more weeks he ordered a lot of blood tests again but I am no nearer knowing any details ..things feel a bit more real now and I'm hoping to get the answers soon ..I'm still so angry it's taken so long though x

At least the ball is rolling now it all happens fast the next thing you know youlle be half way through it👍Xx

Cheers feel about a 100 years old today legs are so achey thank goodness it's the weekend xx

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Hello I was also given hep b vacation aswell and the boosters

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Sorry to ask is he a drug user I am a ex drug user been clean 2 year do that might be why I had the hep b Vaccination

I was not offered one while doing treatment but I have had the b jab a few times in the past.Best of luck with your treatment ❤️💋💋

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