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Hep c appt

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Does any one know what happens at the first hep c appt,i have a letter that doesnt say what will be done

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Hi Nadia welcome on here have you had bloods at the g.p. To determine you are positive hep c?

Hi alan its my husband thats been told by the gp he is hep c positive he had it in 2010 so he has been on injections interferon now its back!!!!but things have changed so he doesnt know what they are gona do

Already had utrascan was ok

Blood tests for alt levels were high but others are higher so hospital said wait for your appt its been 2 months he is going in march 19

He hasnt had a fibr scan is there any meds he can take for fatique while he waits

Hi Nadia,things have changed now I refused interferon years ago but after 6 monthly reviews since 2013 I eventually got treatment with a drug called epclusa and cleared the virus,looks like a lot of tests have been done,the first hospital appointment is usually just to get the ball rolling with tests and to determine the genome type but sounds like you’ve done that bit so hopefully will be prescribed one of the new treatments if it’s the more common genome 3 a a drug called maviret seems to be popular now lots of people on here getting it with good results,other genomes are given combinations.the fatigue is awfull I find eating small easy digestible meals helps,good luck hope it’s all over soon.

He had it first 2002 was told its gone after having interferon and ruber injections but he was abroad uk doesnt have any details nhs systems 2003 he was told its cleared. He came to the uk 2010 had blood tests nothing now tge docter said ur liver was showing high levels since last year yet he was ignored. Problem is we dont know what geneotype he has how they will take to give him meds exct...just waiting

They are treating people really quickly now,hopefully he won’t be long it varies wherever you live.

We live in reading royal berkshire is the hospital where do u live

I was treated at North Devon district hospital Barnstable


If its at a hospital they will ask few questions about your health. you will be weighed & have a fibroscan. Your bloods will be taken & they will give you booklets on hepc . Also ask any questions YOU have. Best wishes 😍

He isnt in hospital just waiting for his outpatient appt with a liver specialist he has been referred by the gp

Yes I meant when he goes to the hospital ☺

Thank u but do u know how long till he will get the meds?

How quick from the time of ur appt at the hospital do they find out what genotype u are? Also how quick do the give u the meds

Im asking as my husband has been waiting 2 months since being told he is hep c positive he is got alot of fitique and nausea

They will know his genotype if already had treatment or when they found out he has it. I waited for a month exactly before medication sent to me but some get it quicker

Ok many thanks its worrying having this virus has its deadly

Yes, I have it and try to ignore it and stay positive but when one doesn't feel well it's nigh on impossible. Only 2 weeks and hopefully he will get the Medication immediately, some do. Which county are you in?


Yes, but can vary county to county. Wherever you are they are giving medication very quickly as NHS are trying to eliminate this once and for all. Also meds are cheaper, more effective and treatment times are slashed to 8 weeks or more 😍😍

Thats reassuring thanks

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They do move fast but tests like fibroscans and CT scans must be done first then they know how best to tackle it. It does seem to take forever but I was diagnosed in time to spoil my October birthday and started meds in time to spoil Xmas ...

Why was it spoilt were there side effects or were u sick

Hi Nadia welcome I refused the old treatment back in 2005 I was referred back to the Liver clinic in December had a fibro scan which was normal and no scarring and was offered and started treatment on Maviret 8 weeks end of December things moved pretty fast for me. I’m in Liverpool the new treatments out now are amazing! Nothing like the old treatments only side effects I had was fatigue and my viral load had dropped from 8 and a half million to less than ten after just 2 weeks! Geno type 3a Unbelievable😊 Best wishes ❤️

Thank u

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